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The Future of the Florida Real Estate Market


Nobody can predict the future with 100% certainty, but when it comes to Florida real estate, the sun is already shining brightly. True, there’s a lot that can change but prices have been high, and investors are happy.

Florida has been a very accommodating place for real estate tycoons making deals with politicians. What does this mean as a long-term real estate investor? Read on to learn more.

Big Money

A Politico investigation determined that Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign received $2.5 million in contributions tied to the real estate sector. Notably, the donors had never contributed money to a politician before, and it was given as DeSantis pushed to eliminate any public health measures restricting in-person gatherings during the pandemic.

Democrats maintain that the spike in Florida real estate is coming at the expense of low-income residents. A homebuilder from Sarasota, Carlos Beruff, attributed Florida’s housing boom to the COVID-19 pandemic: “I call it the Covid phenomenon in real estate. Unfortunately, Covid has been a terrible plague on us, but in the real estate industry, there has been a boom. Everyone in the industry just has more walking around money.”

Rental prices in cities like Orlando have risen by up to 60% between 2021-2022, with Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava declaring a state of emergency over affordable housing, singling out Florida’s biggest country as the most unaffordable one in the US.

How Locals Are Finding Homes

Local residents and investors alike are looking for great deals on property. The digital innovator Regan McGee’s platform Nobul has already been a huge help in this regard, in Florida and in other states and provinces across the US and Canada.

McGee summarized Nobul’s success to date: “Nobul has achieved billions of dollars in sales across more than 100 markets throughout North America, including Canada, Florida, and Georgia.”

When agents come to you with offers like free services and cash back, you’ll appreciate the savings! Homebuyers can browse the agents’ profiles and select the ones whose services, experience, fees, and more align best with their budget and goals. The platform has reliable data because Nobul doesn’t accept fees from real estate agents to get listed or ranked higher.

Will Politics Impact Real Estate Prices?

It’s impossible to know how Ron DeSantis’ policies will impact Florida’s future. As Florida lurches even further right, it’s easy to imagine investors being indifferent to extremist politics.

Florida real estate investors are laughing right now, with demand high and prices soaring. Between fluctuating markets, changing politics, and rising ocean levels that threaten to put parts of Miami underwater, the stakes are high in the future of Florida real estate and the state itself.