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The Fun in Everything: 5 Delightful Hobbies You Can Do at Home


We tend to roam around and associate fun and enjoyment to the outside world while thinking that staying at home only leads us to feel bored, isolated, and alone. But that is just all in mind. Staying at home is, in truth, fun when you know what to do. You will be surprised by the numerous things you can do and new hobbies you can develop while at home.

If you are a curious and self-conscious type of person, who loves to explore more about themselves, discovering new interests, and exploring new hobbies are some of the ways to get to know yourself. What you do and how you think is what you are, after all. So, while staying at home, you might want to try some of these hobbies to know which one is more enjoyable and delightful to you.


Everybody loves sweet-smelling freshly-baked cookies, brownies, and cakes. Aside from satisfying our hunger, they can also bring pleasure to our tongue and our sweet tooth. Making them is not an easy task, but it is one of the fun things you can explore, especially at home.

If you want to lavish your precious time at home learning how to bake, you must first consider securing the baking materials, ingredients, tools, and equipment needed in the process. When purchasing baking ingredients, you must know that there are a few types of flour. Each type is exclusively used for a specific pastry or dish and yields different results. Here are some examples:

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is a wheat-based flour that can be used in all sorts of pastries. You can use this flour in baking cakes, cookies, and even bread. This type of flour has the protein strand of glutenin and gliadin, bonded together to form gluten—a protein that helps the dough to rise and holds the bread together.

Cake Flour

This type of flour is the best to use in baking lofty, soft, and fluffy cakes and cupcakes. It is a wheat-based flour that has a low protein content. You can use cake flour to bake a vanilla cake, a red velvet cake, and a white cake. However, it is not suitable for baking chocolate cake, banana cake, and carrot cake.


Barley is a non-wheat flour that has a slightly sweet flavor and chewy texture to it. It can be used in baking bread and other baked products such as crackers, kinds of pasta, and chips. There are two types of barley flour that you can use in baking. You can either opt for hulled barley or pearled barley.

Reading and Writing Stories

Boost your imagination by reading short stories, poems, and novels at home. Aside from the emotional impact and mental clarity and enlightenment that you can get from reading, it can also spark an inspiration that entices you to create and sketch your own fictional characters, formulate and plan a plot, and write your fictional narrative.

Growing Plants

Growing plants at home are therapeutic, can boost your mood, and relieve your emotional stress. It can also purify the air at your home as it absorbs toxins and releases fresh oxygen to inhale. There are numerous green and healthy houseplants that you can cultivate at home. Some of them include snake plants, bird’s nest fern, cactus, pothos, etc.

Playing Music

When you listen to the music on your phone, do you sometimes wonder how the sound of numerous musical instruments, when combined, produces a symphonic melody, enticing to the ears? If so, have you thought of learning how to play musical instruments yourself?

There are a lot of musical instruments that you can learn how to play. And with more time at home, there is more time to learn and play. Suppose you have a piano or a guitar at home. With these instruments at hand, you can now start learning how to play by hiring a professional music instructor, or you can teach yourself by watching videos and tutorials on YouTube.

Sketching and Painting

When our mind is full and filled with thoughts but could not vent them through words, we can express them by creating artwork. Arts in the form of painting, sculpture, or sketch can be done at home if you have your art materials with you.

Creating your artworks is not just a way to express yourself, but it can also help you calm and relieve yourself from stress and emotional baggage. It can also stir your imagination and can boost your self-esteem. You will become more appreciative of life and about the colors around you. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your paintbrush and start painting now.

Developing a new hobby as a pastime is a fantastic and excellent way to uncover a new skill.