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The Evolution Of Bio-Tech & Its Impact On the Globe

The use of biotechnology has been implemented by humans for more than 6,000 years to produce food and other organic materials. With advancements in technology, the field of bio-technical research and development has also expanded exponentially serving many large-scale industries to ensure quality control and testing of products. 

It is clear then, that these Bio-Technical Resources have helped our civilization grow and expand to heights we wouldn’t have deemed imaginable a century ago. 

What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology refers to the method of harnessing cellular and bio-molecular processes to produce a variety of different products and technology. This helps make our lives better and also helps improve our planet’s overall health.

How Can Biotechnology Make An Impact On Our World?

Humanity has taken giant leaps in the past century when it comes to advancements in technology. Today, biotechnology has evolved to address many diverse real-world problems such as food shortage, health, and the environment.

Breakthroughs in biotechnology have helped in the development of products, technologies, and medicine that can help combat rare diseases, reduce environmental footprint, increase food productivity, provide a cleaner energy source, and improve the performance of a variety of industrial manufacturing processes.

Biotechnology Has Helped Heal The World

Research and development in biotechnology have resulted in medical marvels as biotechnology harnesses natural ingredients and use our own genetic makeup to provide antidotes and cures to many diseases and illnesses.

The use of biotechnology has helped with

  • The development of vaccines
  • Manufacturing of precision tools to detect diseases
  • Life-threatening situations such as famine and drought
  • Combating serious illnesses and threats

The Use Of Biotechnology For Alternative Energy?

Biological processes such as fermentation are part of biotechnology and have provided a clean and efficient energy source.

Biotechnology is helping to fuel our planet by:

  • Streamlining chemical manufacturing processes
  • Finding solutions to huge cost saving in industrial processes
  • Enhancing manufacturing process efficiency
  • Providing an alternative to petrochemicals
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Decreasing water usage and waste generation
  • Utilizing biomass waste products

The Use of Biotechnology in Food & Agriculture

The evolution of biotechnology has greatly impacted the way we farm produce as compared to a few centuries ago. 

Biotechnology has resulted in much greater crop yields as it helps improve the crop’s resistance to insects, enhances herbicide levels, and helps promote more sustainable farming practices.

The use of biotechnology in the food, beverage and agriculture industry has impacted our world by:

  • Producing much greater crop yields to sustain our planet’s growing human population
  • Reducing the number of agricultural chemicals used on crops
  • Allowing farmers to reduce tilling farmland
  • Artificially developing crops with much higher nutrition and vitamins
  • Eliminating mycotoxin, allergins, and toxins in food and beverages
  • Improving crop oil content that makes it safer for the heart