The Election’s Not Over Until Florida’s Overseas Voters Chime In – If They Can

Statistics compiled by the Federal Voting Assistance Program in 2016.

Civilian expatriates who cast their votes in Florida are hitting new roadblocks.

Unable to rely on international mail delivery, they’ve been rerouted to the internet. For some, especially older voters whose tech prowess is no match for sluggish and erratic computer systems, it’s a bumpy ride.

Yet the problems underscore off-the-charts enthusiasm and voters’ determination to do whatever it takes to participate in the Nov. 3 presidential election…

Overseas voting ‘doubles the stress’

But an American in Paris, Canterbury or Prague can’t drive or walk to the nearest polling place and hand-deliver a paper ballot. So a combination of emailed ballots (incoming) and scanned and faxed paper images (outgoing) is the new normal. The details can stump even a tech-savvy voter.

By Noreen Marcus,, Special to SouthFloridaReporter.comOct. 12, 2020