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The Do’s and Dont’s of Planning a Themed Wedding


A themed wedding can add a lot of personality to your big day, especially if you pick one that is meaningful to both of you. Still, these events often require more planning than a traditional wedding. There are several things to consider when planning your special day to make sure it does not take the focus away from you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Don’t Go into Debt to Pay

Weddings are already expensive, and when you go for a more niche focus, the costs can increase even more. It’s a common mistake to go into debt to pay for the big day, but in the end, it is only one day. Going into debt might mean it is harder for you to start your life together and pay for the other expenses you will face. Instead, create a plan to set aside enough money each month to save up for the event. Determine how many months you have until your wedding and divide that by the total estimated cost. This is the amount you will need to set aside each month. You can lower your monthly expenses in other areas to free up funds for this expense. Refinancing student loan debt is an excellent way of reducing overall expenses.

Do Pick a Theme That is Timeless

The most important aspect of your day is the theme you decide to go with. Think about how well the idea goes with your individual personalities. If you are really into the 1940s era now but haven’t always been, ask yourself whether a 1940s theme wedding is something you will still love when you look back at your pictures in later years. Consider how well the idea will age as well. If it is just a trendy thing you saw online, it might look very dated later. Think of things that are significant and personal to both of you. The best ideas are ones that fit these criteria and wow your guests. You will be happy to look at your pictures and videos for many anniversaries to come.

Don’t Go with Both a Color and a Theme

Picking both things can make it more overwhelming, and you also limit your options when you work within a narrow color palate. It makes it difficult to find items that match. Going with only one or the other can make it easier to plan, and it also helps your day feel more natural and less staged. Spend some time slowly collecting items, shopping online, at thrift stores or in antique shops to curate a collection of décor that fits your personalities.

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Do Pick the Right Venue

A venue can set the tone for the entire day, so be selective in the one you decide to go with. If you don’t have the right venue, it might be hard to focus on the theme because the décor and other details won’t seem to go. If you are going for an upscale, city theme, a converted barn would not be the right space. Start with the venue and go from there.

Don’t Make it Over the Top

It’s important to avoid making your wedding theme the focus of the wedding. Instead, consider adding related details. Not every decision has to be related to the theme, especially because this can feel overwhelming. Making every little detail related to your theme can put too much pressure on the couple. It also feels overwhelming to your guests, making your big day seem less like a wedding and more like a fancy party. Look for elements that feel right to you and go with these.

Do Pick One Focal Point

Try to pick one focal point for your venue. It is not feasible for everyone to customize each aspect of the décor to their theme. Look for ways to add a wow element, and make sure everything else goes with that element. Adding neutral elements in other areas of the venue means they are less likely to distract from your focal point. This focal point could be an elaborate stage, a piece at the entrance, the cake table, or even the bridal party table. This also allows you to focus your budget on the things that really matter to you instead of watering things down around the entire venue.