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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors
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The best gift for the senior in your life might simply be your time. Call or visit. Bring over a homemade treat and have a conversation. Do a puzzle or play a game with your venerated Valentine. If your special senior can’t get out much, take them on a special excursion—whatever their favorite activity may be. You could take in a movie, go to a play, visit a favorite restaurant, or take in a museum. Pamper them with a trip to the salon or barbershop. Providing some quality time and companionship is one of the best Valentine’s Gifts for seniors, and a great way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.

Low-Maintenance House Plant

Roses are lovely, but they don’t last. Brighten a senior’s living space with an easy-care houseplant. If they have a pet, check with your local garden center to be sure the plant is safe to have in a house with their treasured animal friend. Herbs such as thyme, rosemary, or basil provide a lovely fragrance and can thrive in a sunny window. Or, remind your senior of a special vacation in the tropics or the desert with houseplants that evoke the location—as a bonus, they’re easy to keep.

Squeezy Stuffed Animal

Fluffy stuffed companions aren’t just for toddlers. Seniors get a kick out of them, and those who are bedridden or suffer from memory loss will find comfort in a new friend who never complains and is always there for them. If your senior is in a care facility, check with them first about any rules or prohibited items.

Classy Accessories

There’s nothing like a new hat or a colorful cane to brighten a senior’s outlook. Help update their wardrobe with elegant accessories. A new set of sunglasses, a pair of beach shoes, or a silk scarf or pocket square can renew an outfit and encourage seniors to socialize more—their new look will provide a conversational topic with their friends.


Do a little research on the top hits from your senior’s salad days, and put together a playlist that will bring back happy memories and get them dancing. It’s fun to share music of different eras with your loved ones—you could make it a family occasion where everyone suggests a few songs from their own era.

Comfy Cozies

Have you noticed that older people sometimes mention they feel cold? You might be perfectly comfortable in your arctic air conditioning, but many seniors are not. An elegant shawl or sweater is a terrific present. Wrap it in Valentine’s-themed paper or deliver it personally in a lovely, red box. Your senior will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Snail Mail

The rarity of personal correspondence, delivered by mail to a physical inbox, makes a card sent by mail a truly special treat for any Valentine. If your senior has grandchildren, a handwritten note or homemade card will make their day.

These are just a few suggestions for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for seniors. Remembering seniors, especially those who live alone or in care facilities, will warm your heart and theirs on Valentine’s Day.