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The Best Landscape Ideas for Your Florida Home


Beautiful landscaping is what your Florida home needs. Investing time and resources in your home makes it stand out while increasing its aesthetic value. The best landscape ideas to increase your home’s curb appeal do not necessarily mean you have to break the bank. Using Florida-friendly plants with the appropriate environmentally-safe landscaping solutions, you can settle for the best ideas for adding flair to your home.

The Sunshine state gives homeowners an abundance of options that can last them all year-round. Whether you have a natural green thumb or not, with the best landscape ideas at hand, you can be sure to increase the value of your home. 

  1. Avoid Overcrowding

Many homeowners hardly consider the size of their plants when they mature. They end up overcrowding once they mature, and it requires regular pruning and maintenance. Overcrowding also results in allelopathy, meaning the weak plants will be blocked from sunlight or lack sufficient nutrients for their growth and development. As a result of this, you do not get your anticipated yield.

It is essential to consider your yard’s size to know which plants are suitable and fit well. To avoid overcrowding during landscaping, you must use your space effectively and make the right choice of plants.

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  1. Skip The Fertilizer

When seeking environmentally friendly solutions for landscaping your yard or lawn, it is advisable to skip the fertilizer. It is because the Florida rain easily washes the fertilizer into rivers, lakes, oceans and lagoons. Once the fertilizer gets to these areas, the water becomes unfit for humans and animals. When it comes to Landscaping Sarasota Fl, there is a fertilizer ban to ensure the residents’ water bodies are fit.

  1. Select Sun-Friendly Plants

When considering landscaping ideas for your Florida home you have to select Florida-friendly plants that will require less water during the summertime. You can consider drought-tolerant plants like beautyberries, palm trees, spiderwort, firebush, buttonwood, and beach sunflowers. For fruits, you can consider growing citrus, figs, peaches, apples, mangoes and mulberries.

  1. Use Iron And Micronutrients

The hot Florida sun usually leaves dry brown patches in lawns that are not well-taken care of. It is advisable to use iron and micronutrients to keep your grass green and healthy. As much as the elements may not be used in chlorophyll synthesis, they play an essential role in its formation.

Having a green yard shows you care for your property, and it also increases the value of your home by giving it a desired and authentic green look. Therefore, iron and micronutrients are essential during landscaping your house.

  1. Reduce Your Grass

The grass is one of the components used by landscaping contractors to ensure your lawn is given its desired green look. Grass alone does not add character to your property. To make your home more attractive, you need a touch of gravel, rocks or even reclaimed wood.

Replacing the grass with patio spaces, artificial turf or flower beds increases the aesthetic value of your home while giving you more time for fun things. Reducing your grass saves you time regarding maintaining your lawn.

  1. Leave Grass Clippings

Most homeowners are usually confused on whether to leave the grass clipping or rake them when landscaping. It is essential to leave your grass clippings on your lawn since you return moisture and nutrients to the soil in your yard or lawn.

The grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer resulting in a lush and radiant lawn. When leaving grass clippings on the ground, you must ensure that the grass was not too high when mowing. It is because they mat down, blocking the flow of air to your lawn.

  1. Recycle Alternative Materials

Many people assume that you have to spend a lot to have a beautiful and attractive lawn. It is not entirely true since several affordable options can elevate your lawn without spending heavily.

Recycling alternative materials is one of the ways to achieve this goal. Have an open-mind by using old bricks and stones when creating your pathways and patio. Use eye-catching and unique planters like old barrels and pallets to make your Florida home more attractive. Through this, you reduce landfill waste and lower your overall material costs.

  1. Save By Trading With Neighbors

Besides looking at environmentally-friendly options for landscaping your property, you must ensure you also check out affordable alternatives that allow you to save substantially. Barter trade is not as ancient as you would think.

Most Florida residents have come to realize that they can save considerably by trading with their neighbors. Many times homeowners find themselves with extra fruits, vegetables or plants which they do not know what to do with. The best way is to trade them for other fruits, vegetables, or plants that they may not have or for any other gardening component they may need. It saves them money and gives them a chance to connect with their neighbors.

  1. Use DIY Weed Killer

Gardeners have to realize the numerous benefits of DIY herbicides during landscaping. It is not all about saving money since a DIY weed killer does not contaminate your soil or groundwater like commercial herbicides.

The homemade herbicides give you various recipes to choose from. It means you can work with what you are comfortable with and can mix within a short time. The majority of the recipes and ingredients are simple, safe and easy to create, meaning you can never run short of DIY weed killer at home. Ensure to do sufficient research so that you can develop the best homemade herbicide that produces results by effectively killing weeds.

  1. Plant Slow-Growing Trees

Homeowners add trees to their landscape to provide shade, beauty and privacy. When making tree choices, you need to go for slow-growing trees that will be sturdier and less susceptible to storm damage.

Since slow-growing trees take several years to mature, it becomes easier to keep your border height under control. Compared to fast-growing trees, they do not overwhelm other plants in the border. On the other hand, fast-growing trees are weak and brittle and highly affected by the strong winds.

Most homeowners find landscaping in Sarasota Fl to be a complex activity. For this reason, homeowners end up spending a lot of money on landscaping contractors that are not competent for the job.