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The Best 5 Places in Florida To Hunt For Fossils

Jacksonville Beach

Florida has no shortage of places for fossil hunters to explore. However, you’ll want to know where the top ones are. With that said, the best five places in Florida to hunt for fossils, and reasons why they are the best are:

1. Jacksonville Beach

One of the top places to hunt for fossils in Florida is Jacksonville. This beach is the place to go if you want to find fossils such as fossilized bones of giant ground sloths, fossilized shark teeth and fossilized bones of seahorses. Jacksonville Beach is perfect for those who are new to fossil hunting, including seniors, toddlers and kids.

Here’s a tip, make sure to keep an eye out for tiger shark teeth. Although there are typically plenty around, you still need to pay close attention as you’re walking. This is because many fossilized teeth on Jacksonville Beach can be very small.

2. Venice Beach

For those who are searching for a challenge can head over to Venice Beach. Walk along the beach after a good storm and/or after there’s been some good wave action if you want to find various types of shark teeth. After a storm, you can typically find other types of fossils too.

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To get the first pick, consider renting scuba gear. You’ll be able to go right to the deposit. If you don’t want want to dive, then go snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to find fossils.

3. The Peace River

Beaches in Florida aren’t the only spots to find fossils. The Peace River covers a large area, and many of the areas are rich with fossils. The ideal time to search for fossils along the Peace River is between November and June. This is the time of year when the river is clear and shallow.

If you can’t make it during those months, then don’t worry. Any time of the year is good, but you will be in for a challenge. Also, be prepared to spend a few hours at Peace River because it is very easy to lose track of time fossil hunting in the area.

4. Gardner

Gardner is also home to a number of spots where you can fossil hunt, but the best place of all is the boat ramp. Bear in mind you don’t need to own a boat to find fossils here because during the months from December to May, the water is shallow and you can wade upstream. Make sure to keep your eyes on the gravel, as well as in the riverbank because you’re highly likely going to find shark teeth.

5. Shell Creek

Finally, there is Shell Creek. You can find shark teeth here, as well fossilized Paleo-Indian arrowheads, shells and spear points to name a few. Shell Creek is one of those places where anything can turn up, which is why it’s one of the top places to hunt for fossils. In order to get the most from your experience, it’s worth bringing a canoe or a small boat to use during your hunt.

The best five places in Florida for fossil hunting include Jacksonville Beach, Venice Beach and Peace River. Two other good places to hunt for fossils in Florida is Gardner and Shell Creek. All you have to do now is decide which places you want to check out first. Regardless of where you go, you’ll probably come across fossils, but even if you don’t you will have a lot of fun.