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The Benefits Of Using Summer Blankets At Night

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Even when the heat of summer is felt at night many people still prefer using blankets. It’s no wonder since blankets are made to comfort and let the user feel relaxed for a sound sleep. However, summer blankets should not be so warm but should provide enough warmth for chilly nights.

When you have the perfect summer blanket, you are more likely to experience the following benefits:

Regulates Temperature

Summer blankets work by transferring the heat it takes from your body to a cooler area. As a result, it will prevent your body from overheating. On the other hand, by containing the warmth of your body, you’re less likely to feel cold. If you’re unsure what summer blankets are best for, you can always refer to reviews of summer blankets so you will have an idea of which blankets are recommended.

To help regulate your body temperature, your summer blanket must be made out of one or two of the following materials:

  • Flax Linen – A hundred percent flax linen has an absorbing characteristic that will keep your skin cooler as it can absorb sweat and moisture.
  • Ring Spun Cotton – A synthetic free ringspun cotton is a breathable thermal summer blanket. It’s also 100% pure so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Bamboo Fiber Cotton – Not only is it breathable, but the fabric is lightweight, soft, and cool. It’s also odor-resistant and antibacterial, perfect for outdoor use. The fabric allows excellent ventilation that will keep you cool under hot temperatures.
  • Silk – Aside from its fancy look, blankets made from mulberry silk are also perfect for warm temperatures. It features a breathable fiber that gives you comfort as it won’t keep you too warm.
  • Wool – Aside from its ability to provide extra warmth for the cold weather, wool blankets are also perfect as a summer blanket since it naturally adapts to the temperature. It also promotes dry temperatures as it wicks moisture away from your body through its breathable material.
  • Fleece – A more lightweight alternative to wool blankets that can also wick away moisture. Since it’s not heavy, you can place it on your sofa or other parts of your home where you’re most likely to nap or sleep.

Improves Sleep Quality

Not having enough sleep can have bad effects, such as inducing a lethargic mood the next day, as well as other worse scenarios. Sleep disturbance can be caused by many factors, whether neurological, psychological, or environmental. Thus, a lot of methods to combat different types of sleep disturbances are also employed to improve one’s sleeping patterns. Between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended bedroom temperature for quality sleep.

Since summer blankets naturally regulate the temperature of your body, you’ll improve the quality of your sleep whatever the weather is. Aside from the materials used in summer blankets, you should also consider the following for optimal sleep:

  • Size – You must choose a summer blanket that is enough to cover your body and legs. It will help you contain a cooler body temperature.
  • Comfort – Even if it’s the best fabric for a summer blanket, you must also choose one that will make you comfortable. Thus, your preference is a must on this matter. For instance, if you’re allergic to wool or if you’re uncomfortable with its texture, then better opt for silk or cotton.
  • Weight – Weighted blankets are also a factor. Some too-heavy fabrics can become too warm, so it may be best to choose those that are lightweight as they can regulate your temperature easier.