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The Benefits Of Taking A MasterClass Course


Over the last few years, online education has increasingly grown in popularity. Today, over 6 million Americans are pursuing education online with the average age of a student being 32 years old

MasterClass is one of the many startups that fall under the category of online education. Given its rise in popularity, many people are asking themselves one simple question: Is MasterClass really worth it?

While it looks similar to other online education platforms, what sets this one apart from the rest is that renowned individuals across the globe teach the courses. And these individuals aren’t just famous – they’re well-known experts in their fields.

The startup has successfully raised around $56 million, and approximately one million students have availed the courses provided by MasterClass. With many people opting for short sessions over a full-fledged postgraduate degree, learning from the best of the best seems like an excellent idea.

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So, how can you benefit from taking a MasterClass? Well, here’s how:

You Can Learn From The Experts

MasterClass truly differentiates itself through the quality of its instructors. With this platform, you can learn from brilliant people for a small fee. From writing to cooking, you’ll be able to learn from big-name celebrities.

Some of the many examples of courses taught by experts are:

  • Natalie Portman teaches acting
  • Hans Zimmer teaches film scoring
  • Armin Van Buuren teaches dance music production
  • Penn and Teller teach the art of magic
  • Dr. Jane Goodall teaches conservation
  • Margaret Attwood teaches creative writing
  • Dan Brown teaches writing thrillers
  • Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking
  • Paul Krugman teaches economics and society
  • Christina Aguilera teaches singing
  • Marc Jacobs teaches fashion design
  • Serena Williams teaches tennis

As you can see, the platform is not limited by the fields it offers. There is a wide variety of courses available for skilled professionals and beginners alike. The quality of its instructors is MasterClass’ unique selling point with every instructor being a master in their craft.

Additionally, MasterClass also offers multiple options in every field, so you learn, for example, different acting tips from Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson. This variety allows you to take away from more experts since every instructor has succeeded due to their own efforts.

The Videos Are Of Impeccable Quality

Perhaps the best thing about MasterClass is the quality of its online courses. The videos are incredibly well-produced with top-notch sound, lighting, camerawork, and music. Videos from online courses rarely measure up to this quality and MasterClass actually aims to bring Netflix-quality videos to its platform.

The quality of the video matches the pitch – if you’re learning from the best, it should genuinely seem like you’re learning from the best. By looking at a few trailers for online courses, you can deduce yourself that each video isn’t just considered a part of the usual online course. In fact, the quality of each video shows that each one is given the same importance as full-fledged movie production.

The videos are shot in high definition and are edited carefully. The quality of the trailers carries forward to the courses, so you do get what you’re paying for.

It’s Affordable

You would think that learning from celebrities who are household names would cost you an arm and a leg. However, contrary to what you believe, MasterClass is an affordable option for the general population. There are currently two pricing options available:

  • Purchase a single class for $90, which gives you access to 20-40 video-based lessons, each lesson ranging from 3 to 14 minutes each.
  • Purchase the all-access pass for $180 per year, which will give you unlimited access to all classes available on the platform.

Both pricing options have a 30-day refund policy.

The Platform Is Easy-To-Use

Given the quality of the videos, it’s evident the team behind MasterClass has ensured the quality of the content extends to the quality of its experts. This high-quality is also found in the MasterClass mobile app.

With a sophisticated and sleek design, the app is quite user-friendly. The app is as good as the website, so you can watch the videos on your laptop or your smartphone if you’re on the go. The app is simple to use, and the quality of the written and video content is as good as the desktop version.

MasterClass is excellent for people who need a creative stimulant. It is ideal for people who like to learn at their own pace without the pressure of traditional classroom-associated deadlines on their shoulders.

Due to its competitive advantage, MasterClass is only expected to grow with more experts getting on board to offer people a chance to learn from them. So, if you’re a writer, actor, filmmaker, or painter looking for some much-needed inspiration, then MasterClass might be just what you need.