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The Average Number Of Ice Cream Sandwiches Eaten Per Second Is 48

On August 2nd, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day encourages us to cool off with one of our favorite frozen treats. Whether it’s vanilla, strawberry or Neopolitan between two chocolate wafers, the dessert sure will hit the spot on a hot summer day.

  • The original ice cream sandwich sold for a penny in 1900 from a pushcart in the Bowery neighborhood of New York.
  • Pictures from the Jersey Shore circa 1905 “On the beach, Atlantic City”, show Ice Cream sandwiches were popular at 1c each.
  • By 1940, grocers sold sandwiches made with crispy wafers.
  • One account claims the modern ice cream sandwich with the chocolate wafer was invented in 1945 by Jerry Newberg. The ice cream maker sold his creation at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA. At the time, the storied location was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers.
  • Although ice cream sandwiches were made by hand and distributed by New York street vendors in the early 1940s, it wasn’t until 1945 that the first ice cream sandwiches were mass produced.
  • The Coolhaus food truck empire has taken ice cream sandwiches to a new level. You can buy one of their pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches, pints of ice cream, or hand-dipped ice cream bars at one of 4,000+ markets ranging from Whole Foods to Kroger and Safeway, in all 50 states
  • The ice cream sandwich ranks as the second best-selling ice cream novelty in America.
  • The average number of ice cream sandwiches eaten per second nationally is 48.
  • If all the ice cream sandwiches made last year were placed end to end, they would circle Earth 3 1/2 times.
  • The 30-44 age group buys the most ice cream sandwiches.
  • The eastern seaboard consumes almost 50 percent of all ice cream sandwiches.
  • The ice cream sandwich is so American it is sold at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
  • The first known record for an ice cream sandwich was in 1894 and used sponge cake with ice cream between.
  • The rectangular chocolate cookies with ice cream between was patented in 1963 by Jack Delaney, Tim Jones, John Defillippio, and Sam West.
  • Ice cream sandwiches are the second best selling novelty ice cream in America.
  • The eastern part of the country consumes almost 50% of ice cream sandwiches in America.
  • If all the ice cream sandwiches made last year were placed end to end, they would circle Earth 3 1/2 times.
  • Around the world:
    • In Australia ice cream sandwiches are called giant sandwich.
    • In Iran they are called bread ice cream and are made with two wafers and with traditional Iranian ice cream.
    • In Israel they are called Kasata and are a variation on the Italian dessert cassata. It is ice cream between layers of sponge cake
    • In Mexico they are called tortas de nieve or emparedado de nieve and they literally are a sandwich. They are ice cream in a roll or between two pieces of bread.
    • In the Philippines pushcarts sell ice cream sandwiches with the bread called pandesal.
    • In Singapore they are called potong which has two wafers holding together a block of ice cream.
    • In Vietnam they are called bánh mì kẹp kem is commonly sold on the street as a snack. It consists of scoops of ice cream stuffed inside a bánh mì, topped with crushed peanuts.
  • The “Chipwich”, an ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream rolled in mini chocolate chips, was created in 1978 by Richard LaMotta.


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