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The Art of Lawn Management


The moment you have a back yard with the right soil and space, how best can you make it look? With proper knowledge of garden management, you will be able to keep your outside a beautiful and serene environment.

Here, we are sharing some of the tips that will help you keep your lawn an attractive place for many seasons throughout the year.

Eliminate Any Available Parasitic Plant

These are some bad parasites that can prevent any growth of grass by eating up nutrients that would have otherwise been used by the grass. They also prevent air and sunlight from reaching the bottom, therefore, causing minimum grass growth.

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  • Weeds

Birds, pests, animals, even human clothes and footwear can all be agents that transport weeds to your garden. You can thus be certain that you will find them anywhere on your lawn.

So how can you eliminate weeds from your garden knowing the fact that they are almost unavoidable?  The easiest and the best way of getting rid of them is by manually uprooting or by using special weed removal tools. However, if they are too many, you could opt to spray them directly.

  • Thatch

This is an organic matter that is likely to form where grass or leaves are too many.

It is easy to identify affected areas in your garden because of the spotty effects caused by such thatch. Affected parts will appear not to have nutrients and record the minimum growth of grass.

The best way to effectively eliminate it is by scarification, it involves the removal of mulch. Different tools can be used for this process.

  • Moss

Moss can have very bad effects on your lawn, it thrives well in shades. To effectively get rid of them, proper feeding and continuous scarification is advised.

  1. Drainage

Drainage is a key and essential element that dictates the look of your garden.  Lack of proper drainage leads to your garden having too much water, this makes it impossible for anything to grow. The main cause of this is the landscape of the garden and the ability of soil to absorb water.

  • Soil Permeability

Soils such as clay are known for its low permeability levels, soil compaction can also be a factor that leads to the same. Often aerate your lawn to improve airflow and reduce water buildup on the surface. You may also opt to change the nature of your soil in order to ensure effective drainage.

  • The Sloppiness of Your Lawn

The slope of your lawn should be in a way that it takes water away from the house. A slight slope will be able to do a wonderful job in terms of eliminating a water-logged lawn.

  1. Aeration

By aerating your garden, you give room for air and water to get to the root of the grass. Special equipment is used to make holes that drain water and air into the ground. Therefore, there will be the availability of enough airflow even in the deep parts of the lawn.

  1. Overseeding

This helps to give back the garden the energy it needs to grow well and assist in repairing the worn-out parts of the lawn.

  1. Mowing and Watering

Mowing helps bring grass to one level. It is advisable to only remove a third of the grass during mowing. A Peruzzo equipment, the flail mower hammer blades is the best tool you can use for mowing.

Watering is also an important element; it not only nourishes your grass but also gives it the energy to grow.

Using all the above tips all inclusively together with regular topdressing, you can be sure to have a lawn that brings out the best look

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