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The All-in-One Guide to Women’s Health Check Up

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Doctors recommend that you get your health checked on an annual basis. Think of it a little like service for your car. You want to catch potential problems and take preventative action, rather than fixing the costly issues and making repairs. Not only do you help to feel healthier, but you’re also more likely to catch major health problems early.

Those who get their annual checkups are more likely to see earlier signs of cancer, diabetes, blood pressure issues, and other conditions. You can get treatments to reverse and cure problems, instead of needing medication to manage the health issues in the future.

The things tested will depend on your age. From the age of 18, though, you want to make sure your health check is an annual thing. Here’s all you need to know.

Women Between 18 and 39

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Up to the age of 40, you may be tempted to avoid the doctor’s office. After all, you feel healthy, so why bother the doctor when you don’t feel sick? Well, remember that the health check is to prevent problems, catching some early to get treatments to cure instead of manage in the future.

Between the ages of 18 and 39, your doctor will run tests for various medical issues, including diabetes, cholesterol, and for signs of cervical cancer. You will also likely be offered vaccinations if you’re not up to date or you’re planning a trip somewhere. Your doctor will also want to chat about your lifestyle and your current methods to prevent illnesses to keep you out of the office throughout the year.

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