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The 5 Best Summer Vacation Spots in 2022


Even though spring is well underway, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer adventures. You’ll need plenty of time to book tickets, create itineraries, and make plans for your home and pets while you’re away. It’s never too early to dream about exploring the world during the most fun time of the year. Set your sights on the five best summer vacation spots in 2022.

Florida Keys, Florida

If you want to stay close to home this summer, take a trip down to the beautiful Florida Keys. From marine activities at Dry Tortugas National Park to viewing stunning coastal landscapes, there is so much to admire in our very own state. The Florida Keys even has fun opportunities for the whole family, like visiting the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Those looking for domestic travel options but who still want to leave the state should check out Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This peaceful terrain is a nature-lovers dream, with many options for camping, fishing, and the works. Jackson Hole also puts you within a good distance of Yellowstone National Park, a must-see on every traveler’s bucket list.

Mykonos, Greece

Few things in the world are more beautiful than summertime in Greece. Mykonos is the perfect destination for people looking to expand their horizons. From jaw-dropping architecture to crystal-clear waters, this Mediterranean Island has a reputation for throwing the best seaside parties, so anyone looking for a good time should prioritize this spot.

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

One of the best summer vacation spots in 2022 is home to the most diverse wildlife population in the world. The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador give tourists the best of both worlds—a tropical paradise and exposure to some incredible creatures. Veteran travelers suggest making accommodations on one of the main islands and taking day trips to less inhabited areas so that you can explore while relaxing in style.

Kenya, Africa

If you really want to push the envelope this summer, consider visiting Kenya for an African adventure. When planning an African safari, you need to consider your location wisely, as more remote areas are a little harder to access. However, places like Kenya offer an authentic cultural experience and get you up close and personal with some of the world’s most thrilling wildlife, making the trek worthwhile for thrill-seekers.

Start planning your summer vacation now to avoid high prices and get the best bookings. With these destinations in mind, you’re sure to have a summer you’ll never forget.