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Tallahassee’s Latest Raid On Broward Money


It isn’t enough that the State Legislature in Tallahassee bleeds money away from Broward County governments and schools every chance it gets.

Now a little-known Tallahassee non-profit with the motherhood-and-apple pie name of Florida Trust for Historic Preservation is milking one of Broward’s handful of historic buildings, Bonnet House, like a cash cow.

“…The money has been siphoned off by the Florida Trust to pay for things like offices in Tallahassee,” charged Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis in a letter.  

“To imply that the Florida Trust has stolen money from the Bonnet House is wrong…To state our actions as egregious is a defamation to our character…,” Ryan Malloy, the Florida Trust’s board president, fired back.

Regardless of whether its called stealing, siphoning or just plain taking, Bonnet House now covers between 60 and 73 percent of Tallahassee-based Florida Trust’s operations, according to budget documents and the mayor’s office.

The data proves: Bonnet House money is propping up an a non-profit in the state Capital.


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