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Survey: Americans Love Valentine’s Day More Than Christmas

More than four in five Americans get genuinely excited about Valentine’s Day — even more so than Christmas, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 Americans found this Hallmark holiday tops the charts among Americans, as 81% get excited about Feb. 14, while just 68% say they get excited about the holiday season.

Now more than ever, people are celebrating a love of all kinds with partners, friends, kids, and pets — those that matter most. Fifty-six percent look at Valentine’s Day as a way to show everyone they love some appreciation.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Zulily, examined Valentine’s Day habits and behaviors and showed that contrary to popular belief, ones’ Valentine’s date isn’t all about romance.

Twenty-eight percent plan to celebrate with their fur baby and NOT a significant other, while 51% plan on celebrating with their kids.

And 59% plan on commemorating the love-filled holiday with their nearest and dearest friends.

So how will people be demonstrating their love and appreciation? Sixty-four percent plan on buying gifts for all the people (and pets) they love while a further 57% plan on cooking a special dinner.

Surprisingly, a third of surveyed Americans (33%) have even taken the day off from work to celebrate.

“We see our millions of customers using gift-giving and shared experiences to connect with their modern ’chosen’ family as a way to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation this Valentine’s Day,” said Claire Magruder, Zulily’s Trend and Fashion Expert and Women’s Merchandising Manager.

“From crafting something homemade for your work family, getting dressed up for a special night out with your partner or friends, or choosing thoughtful personalized gifts, the holiday now encompasses more than just candy.

When it comes to purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts, this year the average American will spend just over $50 and nearly one in five will spend over $100.

In fact, a whopping 67% buy gifts through the lens of their loved ones’ Instagram followers.

Another one in four feels they need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends so they can post about it on social media.

Maybe that’s why the most coveted Valentine’s Day gifts are fun and practical. Fifty-one percent of Americans want TV- and movie-inspired gear for Valentine’s Day, followed by things for the house such as robot vacuums (44%) and trendy fuzzy teddy sweaters (37%).

Shockingly, a top gift pick was diapers (31%) — nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a fresh nappy.

“Showing someone you care doesn’t need to blow your budget – for Valentine’s Day, it’s all about showing your loved ones you listen to them,” said Magruder. “For example, if your partner hates to vacuum, delight them with a robot vacuum. If your bestie loves to entertain, then a new tablescape accessory may be the perfect gift.

“I also love a handwritten note on a homemade card — it’s straight from the heart. What’s most important to remember, appreciation can take more forms than just flowers!”

No matter how Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, 69% agree: they say “I love you” more on Valentine’s Day than any other day in the year.

1. Significant other/ partner 63%
2. Family                                                                61%
3. Friends                                                               59%
4. Kids                                                                    51%
5. Fur baby (pet)                                                   28%

1. Fuzzy slippers                                               42%
2. Cat-lady gnome                                             38%
3. Fuzzy sweater                                               37%
4. Bedding                                                         33%
5. Diapers                                                          31%
6. Personalized jewelry                                     29%
7. Kitchen staples                                              26%
8. Stuffed animal                                                25%
9. Warm socks                                                    24%
10. Punny card                                                    24%

1. Buy gifts for people I love                                               64%
2. Go out to dinner                                                              57%
3. Cook a special dinner                                                     57%
4. Treat myself to some ‘me-time’                                       45%
5. Send a card                                                                     40%

1. To get gifts from loved ones                                               61%
2. To show partner how much I care about them                   58%
3. To buy gifts for loved ones                                                 56%
4. To impress someone                                                          48%
5. To spend time with people I love                                        47%