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Sunburn — The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics — 9.15.22

 Good Thursday morning.

Charlie Crist spoke at a news conference yesterday announcing endorsements from several LGBTQ+ organizations. They’re not surprising nods, but they are valuable, especially considering the access to a network of grassroots foot soldiers the support will provide.

But, as so many understand, it’s not enough to like Crist. People also have to like his running mate.

Crist’s choice for Lieutenant Governor was strategic. Karla Hernández, in theory, opens the door for support from women, the Hispanic and Latino communities and South Florida writ large. As the head of the United Teachers of Dade, she also brings education cred.

As intriguing a pick as Hernández may have been, the reality was — there weren’t many available choices. In this political climate, he’d be hard-pressed to find an elected official willing to abandon their post for what may very well become an unsuccessful bid.

Yet, despite Hernández’s resume, I have yet to find a reason to be impressed. Her comments earlier this week in Cape Coral give even more pause.

“I’m a teacher, I’m a sp-ed teacher. So, my major was emotionally handicapped education,” she said before adding that experience “qualifies” her “to deal with the dysfunctional Legislature.”

The comment garnered applause from supporters who, no doubt, agree with the “dysfunctional legislature” quip. But it should be no surprise that critics were quick to pounce, including First Lady Casey DeSantis, whose husband Crist and Hernández are hoping to topple.

Casey DeSantis said she was “sickened by callous words from someone who claims to be an advocate for children.”


It’s one thing to criticize the Legislature as dysfunctional. But to claim that working with special needs children provides the background and experience to deal with them implies, if not explicitly states, that having a special need is akin to being dysfunctional.

Point me to a parent of a special needs student who would not be offended by the comparison. I’ll wait.

To listen to the comment, please click on the image below:


Scott Ross has been named managing partner at Capital City Consulting, the firm announced this week.

“I’m honored to be selected to help lead such an outstanding group of professionals. We are privileged to work with amazing clients, and I look forward to continuing to help grow the top firm in Florida,” Ross said.

Ross joined CCC in 2015 after serving as a Deputy Secretary at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. That role, as well as his previous work as director of government relations for Las Vegas Sands, has made him a go-to lobbyist for issues related to gaming and other regulated industries.

“Scott is smart, strategic and trusted by all firm members. He is an obvious choice for managing partner and we are excited to see how his leadership will shape our continued growth,” CCC co-founder Nick Iarossi said.

Scott Ross will use his considerable talents to lead Capital City Consulting.

Co-founder Ron LaFace added, “Scott has always been one of the go-to people for firm members needing help on an issue or developing a client strategy and we are excited he agreed to formally take on the role of managing partner.”

Ross moves up at the firm as Capital City Consulting itself continues to rise — the firm consistently places among the Top-5 firms in terms of lobbying revenues and it recently announced that South Florida-based Prodigy Public Affairs would merge with the firm, becoming Capital City Consulting Miami.

“It’s no surprise Scott has made managing partner at Capital City Consulting. His attention to detail, his relationships, and his fierce advocacy for his clients really stand out,” said Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, a Spring Hill Republican who is headed to the state Senate after the November election.


Here are a few other thoughts:

👴🏻 — What’s a gerontocracy and how’s it weakening democracy? Welp, America’s leaders are old and getting older, according to a Business Insider series called “Red, White and Gray” exposing how aging Congressional, executive and judicial leaders are leading a much more youthful constituency. The must-read piece evaluates how democracy in the hands of those whose primes have passed may no longer be able to respond to the needs of a more youthful society interested in issues surrounding technology, civil rights, energy, and the environment.

😡 — U.S. Sen. Rick Scott’s standing in the Senate has taken a turn for the worse due to his unconventional approach to running the NRSC. Tara Palmeri of Puck News suggests it’s decent fodder for a “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” sequel.

💯 — Every other day, a national journalist drops an in-depth profile of Ron DeSantis. Some of them are OK, but many of them are met with eye rolls from readers who know a thing or two about Florida politics. But Matt Flegenheimer of The New York Times? This guy gets it.

🫂 — September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, but Aetna Better Health of Florida exec Patricia Babcock says critical conversations on the topic need to become part of the everyday narrative.

🐘 — Why are working-class Latinos flocking to the GOP? That’s the question the WSJ’s Aaron Zitner and Bryan Mena dive into as they evaluate how the trend is fracturing a group that used to vote mostly Democratic along class lines.


Tweet, tweet:

@CurtOnMessage: lotta GOP donor money wasted in NH

@JonathanWeisman: Watching Republican senators on violent crime and seeing some of the political ads running, I’m really struck by how far we’ve come from the brief bipartisanship on criminal justice reform. It was once a (Donald) Trump issue.

@Strandjunker: I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, a septic uterus, or a miscarriage that your body won’t release is abortion. If you can’t get those abortions, you die. You. Die.

@StephHayes: The racists are going to be really mad when they find out that mermaids were not hot redheads, but actually manatees spotted by lonely, vitamin C-deficient sailors with open wounds.

Sunburn is authored and assembled by Peter Schorsch, Phil Ammann, Daniel Dean, Renzo Downey, Jacob Ogles, and Drew Wilson.

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