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Sunburn – The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics – 7.15.20

Red tide is wreaking havoc on the St. Pete shoreline and possibly the 2022 Session.

By Peter Schorsch    

Good Thursday morning.

Red tide is wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast, setting the stage for environmental issues claiming the spotlight in 2022 elections throughout the state.

Pinellas County beaches are among the most popular recreation spots in the land. St. Pete Beach ranked No. 1 in America and No. 5 globally by Tripadvisor. Other nearby beaches routinely score high in the rankings as well.

But the draw of warm, Gulf waters and sand-filled summer days have been replaced by the odious stench from thousands of tons of dead fish and other sea creatures, victims of a vicious red tide that shows no sign of abating.

On Wednesday, Fox 13 reported that two massive grouper washed ashore along the Pinellas coastline. One weighed 400 pounds and required a backhoe to remove.

As of July 13, 614 tons of dead fish were by Pinellas County, including 477 tons in St. Petersburg.

Speculation centered on the Piney Point disaster in April, where officials drained more than 200 million gallons of polluted water into Tampa Bay to prevent a catastrophic breach in the containment wall.

“Never, ever, have I seen it this bad,” local fisherman Glen Nguyen told The Washington Post.

With Florida taxpayers on the hook this year for a $100 million budget appropriation to begin cleanup at Piney Point, Florida politicians are already beginning the finger-pointing and politicking. While the toxic leak hasn’t been directly blamed for this year’s red tide, many are making that leap. And St. Petersburg mayoral candidate Ken Welch on Wednesday tweeted that it was directly related to climate change.

Nearly four years ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis coasted to victory largely on an environmental message that resonated among voters, even Democrats. His early months in office saw some who might otherwise oppose the Republican Governor find refreshing relief in his commitment to clean water, including Everglades restoration.

But with red tide now dominating headlines, DeSantis and his allies face a bevy of criticism, most recently for so far failing to, like his predecessor, declare a state of emergency to allow state resources to aid in the crisis. On Wednesday, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman pleaded with the state to get involved and lamented they had not already. And Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the state’s sole statewide elected Democrat running for her party’s nomination to challenge DeSantis, this week already began messaging against what she argues is a failed response.

The signs all point to one thing: The environment will again be a top issue as Republicans vie to maintain, and grow, control in Florida.


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