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Sunburn — The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics — 4.7.22

Jeff Brandes sees a Special Session for property insurance as an easy decision.

By Peter Schorsch    

Good Thursday morning and happy Opening Day.

Henry Grissom was born just in time for the 2022 baseball season!

Welcome to the world — Henry Lee Grissom, the first son of our friends, Kristen and Mike Grissom. born at 11:06 a.m. Wednesday and weighing 6 lbs., 4 oz. Baby and mommy are doing great.


Businesses across the country are struggling to attract and retain workers. Florida is not immune.

According to data collected by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, nearly 72% of Florida’s workforce leaders have had trouble finding qualified talent over the past year.

As it stands, there are currently more open jobs in Florida than there are people seeking work — a reality the Chamber is referring to as a “talent crisis.”

This week, the Florida Chamber launched a new initiative to confront the problem head-on.

Dubbed the Florida of Work Florida Initiative, the program aims to bring together businesses and educational institutions to re-imagine the state’s workforce by helping workers attain the skills necessary for in-demand jobs.

Informed by the Chamber’s Florida Workforce Needs Survey 2.0 – Part One, the initiative will be “laser-focused on turning Florida’s workforce challenges into opportunities and a competitive strength for Florida.”

According to the Chamber, millions of jobs wait to be filled by workers requiring certifications and credentials, but not necessarily 4-year degrees.

Through the Future of Work Florida Initiative, businesses will promote the importance of career exploration to align market needs with talent supply.

As part of the initiative’s launch, the Florida Chamber produced a video where business and education leaders such as Chancellor Henry Mack, Department of Economic Opportunity Director of Workforce Services Adrienne Johnston, CareerSource Florida CEO Michelle Dennard, and Florida Department of Corrections Director of Programs and Re-Entry Patrick Mahoney make a case for the business community to join forces with the workforce and education community to tackle the talent crisis.

Businesses can learn more about the Future of Work Florida Initiative and the talent resources available online.

For more info about the initiative, click on the image below:


@JeffreyKleintop: All of these were going to end globalization: 2016 Brexit 2017 (DonaldTrump trade war 2018 Nationalism 2020 Pandemic 2022 Ukraine War Yet, global trade is at record highs and so it is the international share of corporate profits.

@NikkiFried: Consider this your reminder that $300,000,000 of Florida’s pension is wrapped up in Russia and Ron DeSantis has decided to keep it there, hoping Russia recovers. Ron is betting on Russia.

@EWErickson: It is a mischaracterization to call the Florida Law the “Don’t Say Gay” law, but that is what the media chose to do. Now, a lot of Republicans call opponents “groomers” and the media is spitting mad. Much of the press response is juvenile. They’re upset they lost.

@BaseballCrank: I think “groomers” is counterproductive in a debate we’re already winning, but the people who sneered & scoffed at anyone who noted the dishonesty of “Don’t Say Gay” — ooh, you just have your feewings hurt? — has no standing to complain about it.

@Timodc: So obviously, this is a sick person defending Ron DeSantis staff, accusing people of being child rapists. But the point is also BS. Opponents called the bill “Don’t say gay” because the initial legislation, which Ron supported, did literally ban “discussion” of sexual orientation.

@Mike_Grieco: People from outside Florida injecting their $ into Florida politics. Isn’t that something that Republicans frown upon? … or it just OK when it’s from red states and casino conglomerates like the Sands Corporation?

@MDixon55New thing @GovRonDeSantis doing is indicating specific budget line items that will escape his veto pen at news conferences. Just said he would sign off on money for a fire station in Hamilton County. Don’t expect full/official veto/budget action until after map Special Session



@Fineout: An AP editor once told me amid a session where a big gambling fight was looming — write your story about casinos in such a way that a grandmother in Iowa would care about it

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