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Sully, Bush’s Service Dog, Will Make One Last Journey With The Former President

 The yellow Labrador retriever appeared woebegone, his head slack over his front left paw, his muzzle resting on the ground. Yet he was also steadfast, still keeping watch over George H.W. Bush, the 41st president, who died on Friday at his home in Houston.

After accompanying the statesman and World War II veteran in the final months of his life, Sully, the late president’s service dog, lay before the casket holding what remained of him.

The display of instinctual, animalistic devotion captured the reaction to Bush’s death in a way that the words spilled all weekend over the Internet could not. Dogs, wrote the poet Emily Dickinson, “know but do not tell.”

In his knowing pose, the dog was at rest. He will accompany his person a final time, as Bush’s body is flown from Houston to Washington, CNN reported. An arrival ceremony is expected Monday at the Capitol, where Bush will lie in state in the rotunda until Wednesday, when family and friends will gather for a funeral at Washington National Cathedral.  

[From KTRK, Houston] HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The service dog that provided support and companionship to President George H.W. Bush in his final months will go on to help wounded soldiers.

President Bush was proud to introduce the world to his newest four-legged family member on Twitter when he received the dog in June.

Bush said that Sully is a beautifully trained golden lab from America’s VetDogs non-profit organization in New York and that he could not be more grateful, especially for the organization’s commitment to veterans. The group provides service dogs to veterans in need.

After the president’s passing, America’s VetDogs told ABC13 they were deeply saddened and that they were truly honored to have placed Sully, who was specifically matched with the president to provide support during his daily activities.

Sully had his own Instagram account., where photos were posted of the pair regularly, like this shot of them voting in November.  

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