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Steve Says The New Mercedes G 63 Edition 1’s Coolness Factor Is Off The Charts

G 63

Much like Jeep, the iconic G-Wagan has evolved over the past 4 decades from a utilitarian, military-spec 4-wheeler to the top rung of Mercedes’ luxurious SUV lineup. And it’s been redesigned this year with a more grandiose personality and of course more earth scorching power. This is the new G 63.

Take a heritage, body-on-frame utility vehicle, stuff it with an AMG V8, and dress it up to luxury spec and that’s the G 63 in a nutshell. And more customers chose an AMG here than any other model in the Mercedes lineup with a 60% take rate, making it rarer to see a G 550 at $125,00 than it is this G 63 at $150,000.  And let’s face it; the G 63 is all about street cred and style.  So even though there are 3 lockable differentials, a more aggressive low range gear and 3 off-road modes you’d be crazy to take this one on the trail as long as it’s riding on 22” sport truck summer tires that cost $500 a piece.

The G-Class I have here is the ultra-exclusive Edition 1 which is essentially a G63 with the available AMG Night package, painted in this upcharge designo Night Black Magno matte finish paint with sports stripes and red accents.  The red highlights continue inside where they meld with nappa leather, diamond pattern sport seats, carbon fiber trim and a suede-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel with a red 12 o’clock marking.

By TestDriveNow Auto Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comJune 3, 2019

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