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Steve Says Hyundai’s Palisade Is Shaking Up The Status Quo

Remember the Veracruz?  That was Hyundai’s first attempt at an upscale 3-row crossover. And now look how far they’ve come; this is the first-ever 2020 Palisade.

Hyundai-Kia has a new 1-2 SUV punch that is shaking up the status quo.  For a couple of vehicles that have just recently launched, sales are impressive.

The Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride have arrived with impeccable timing to disrupt the 3-row segment with a winning combination of fresh styling, lots of room and robust features at a bargain price.

A base, front-drive Palisade can be acquired from the low $30ks while a range-topping Limited with AWD checks in at $47,500.

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In my over 2 decades of test-driving Hyundais I don’t recall them ever sending me a model that wasn’t their highest trim level. But that’s not the case here. This is the Palisade SEL – the mid-trim- and the amount of features per dollar here is remarkably strong.  I mean, this is definitely going to give their competitors some heartburn.

If this SUV had a luxury badge it would cost at least 60 grand but instead it checks in at only $43,205 exemplifying Hyundai’s more-for-less mantra.  The cabin looks and feels especially rich, it’s impeccably conceived and the features are off the charts.  Things like an auto-leveling rear suspension, complete suite of innovative safety features, and power folding 3rdrow seats with a recline function are items you don’t normally nab without purchasing the highest trim level at a much higher price. The SEL receives almost all of the conveniences of the Limited model with just a few notable exceptions; a heads-up display, surround view monitor and panoramic roof all of which are exclusive to the top dog.

Hands-free liftgates can be, well, handy.  But while most automakers require a kicking motion underneath the rear bumper Hyundai has gone their own way.  With their vehicles you simply need to be in close proximity to the liftgate for it to open.  A method, I, much prefer.

Do you know what Hyundai does really, really well? Ergonomics.  Not only have they long since had one of, if not the best, infotainment system on the market but the way they lay out their buttons and controls is just so simple and intuitive it makes using their vehicles that much more pleasurable.

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