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Steve Says Add Some Rock Rails To This Tundra For The Sharpest Looking Truck On The Market

2022 Toyota Tundra
2022 Toyota Tundra

All of the full-size trucks on the market are pretty amazing…there isn’t a bad choice in the lot. But this Tundra Limited with the TRD Off-Road Package is a near-perfect blend of luxury sedan and weekend warrior hitting all the right notes in terms of comfort and capability.

I love this truck for all that it is…but I just can’t believe Toyota didn’t give the 4-wheel drive system an auto setting…the other truck makers have learned that lesson but here you’re either in 2-wheel drive or 4-high with no variability for changing road conditions.

Toyota wanted to make the Tundra the leader in driving comfort and this is a beautiful drive with car-like precision that’s been engineered into all of these new trucks.  And with the off-road suspension you can tear down that trail while floating over the rough stuff.

The new V6 grumbles like the V8, there’s plenty of power and the drive modes are intuitively integrated.  Other than the lack of 4WD Auto this is a great setup for a truck that can do it all without going to extremes. I’ve really connected with this truck; it hits all of the right notes.  Too bad it doesn’t fit in my garage.

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By TestDriveNow Car Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comMay 16, 2022

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