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Steve Is Wowed After Testing The BMW X7 xDrive50i


It seems impossible that it would take BMW this long to bring a big 3-row to market but this is definitely one of those instances where good things come to those who wait. This is the first-ever X7 and it’s packing everything BMW has to offer.

Mercedes has been building the 3-row GL for over a decade.  And seeing as how the Germans are always copycatting each other, the fact that BMW didn’t checkmate until 2019 is shocking. But patience has been rewarded with a 6-7 passenger people mover that’s as luxurious as any SUV ever produced.

The tester BMW has provided is a dream machine replete with nearly every feature the X7 has to offer.  So keep in mind that for about $75,000 there’s the X7 xDrive40i with 6-cylinder power.  This one however is the 50i and has a fire-breathing twin-turbo V8 and nearly $20 grand in options to arrive at an as-tested price of $112,245.  For that amount, every aspect of the X7 experience has been pushed to the limit.  This one leaves the off-road package behind in favor of the M Sport treatment such as the more vociferous exhaust, 21” wheels wrapped in all-season runflats, the aero body kit, and meaty M steering wheel.

To further the mechanical prowess the Dynamic Handling Package brings more stopping power, a limited slip differential with an electronic locker that takes advantage of the X7’s rear-drive bias for powering out of turns and for improved traction, and Integral Active Steering that turns the rear wheels dependent on the speed of the vehicle to enhance stability in fast maneuvers while also decreasing the turning radius in the parking lot.  But the most interesting piece of this package is Active Comfort Drive that uses cameras to preview the road and then proactively makes suspension adjustments to elevate agility and ride quality.

By TestDriveNow Auto Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comMay 13, 2019

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