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Staying Cool in Florida


South Florida can be a beautiful place to live if you know how to manage it effectively and keep cool during the summer.

South Florida is known for having hot, muggy summers. With temperatures regularly hitting the high 90s Fahrenheit and humidity nearly always above 90 percent, it’s no wonder that people are desperate to beat the heat and stay cool.

While it can be frustrating, it’s an issue that you are capable of taking control of.

Need some advice for avoiding the sweltering temperatures? Here’s how you can stay cool in South Florida summers.

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Water is Your Friend

The CDC’s guidelines for hot weather advise people dealing with extreme heat to drink more water than they think they need. Water is the most important thing your body needs to function, and in humid weather, it’s harder to notice that it’s escaping your skin, whether you’re active or not. You may not notice you’re thirsty until you’re already dehydrated, which can be dangerous.

Though the general guideline is eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day per adult, you may need more or less depending on your body size and activity level. Experts recommend that you have a glass of water available to you all day, so you can take frequent sips as necessary. You’re more likely to remember to do that if the bottle is right beside you.

Insulation is Key

Air conditioning is a great way to beat the heat, but only if your house is properly insulated. Proper insulation means that the air conditioning can work at maximum efficiency, providing you with cool, comfortable air that will help stave off heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. It’s especially important for older people or very young children.

You may also wish to invest in a dehumidifier for your home. Cold humid air leads to condensation, which can cause issues with mildew and mold if not managed appropriately. A dehumidifier can also make the heat feel less intense until the air conditioning kicks in. In a properly insulated house, dehumidifiers can keep you more comfortable for longer than air conditioning alone.

Wear the Right Clothing

Choosing the right clothing during a hot summer day can make a dramatic difference in how you feel and how well you’re able to regulate your own temperature. Hot weather calls for light, breathable clothing that’s not going to chafe or trap moisture close to your skin, as that can cause irritation.

Experts suggest wearing natural fabrics like cotton in looser, flowing designs to allow your body to cool off naturally. This is especially important for athletic wear, which should have moisture-wicking properties to avoid chafing.

Invest in a Cooling Mattress

Many people find it difficult to sleep if their bed, particularly their mattress, is too warm. Many mattresses made from traditional padding and memory foam can trap heat, causing you to have restless or less sleep in general.

If you’re spending a long time in a hot, humid climate, consider investing in a cooling mattress. These mattresses, designed specifically to release heat via specialized foam, can help make sleep more relaxing and effective throughout the year by allowing you to have a consistent sleeping space. They’re especially good for side sleepers who experience back pain, as the consistency of the foam allows for the right level of support.

Living in a hot, humid climate doesn’t have to mean suffering from the heat.  If you’re careful to curate a comfortable environment, dress appropriately, and drink enough water to keep you well hydrated, you’ll be able to enjoy your summers.