Speaker Paul Ryan Jets To Palm Beach For Swanky “Team Ryan” Fundraising

paul ryan
(via Wikimedia)

If there is anyone out there who still thinks politicians in Washington D.C. care about the average American and their struggles, President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are doing their best to prove them wrong.

Ryan is currently at The Breakers in Palm Beach for a “Team Ryan 2017 Speaker’s Council Spring Retreat.”

Translation: He’s gathered his donors and his fundraising committee for a special two-day closed-door retreat at the swanky Breakers where rooms go for $699-$2,400 a night.

Sure, middle America, this guy feels your pain!

The retreat runs through tomorrow and the public, is obviously NOT INVITED.

It’s hard to believe that someone on the public dime like Ryan, is able to hold a closed door meeting with donors who, no doubt, give money in part to make sure the Speaker considers their points of view.

And this clearly isn’t about his constituents, all the way back in Wisconsin.

No, this is about courting wealthy donors, and under the Trump administration, it’s becoming clearer just how much money plays a role in politics.

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 31, 2017