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South Florida Lawn Trends of 2021


Ever dreamt of living in a big, expansive house overlooking a lawn? Do you love the confluence of nature and stylish, comfortable living? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you need to look out for lawn trends of 2021 in South Florida. The trends keep changing and you would get a lot of inspiration even if you want to be your trendsetter!

1. Nothing Screams Beautiful than Simplicity

Your lawn does not have to match the opulence of state gardens at the White House to bring you joy! Even the simplest of lawns can be a thing of beauty if you do it right and maintain it well. This is the reason simple and easy-to-maintain lawns never go out of trend and are a hit among builders and homeowners.

You can have your patch of heaven that appeals to your aesthetics besides having a set of equipment to maintain them well. If you want, you can enroll in some training to learn how to use the equipment and you are good to go. Remember, maintaining and caring for your lawn can be a therapeutic exercise!

2. Covered Pergola Can Elevate a Space Instantly

Who said lawns cannot take shape and form of their own? You don’t have to go for an open lawn always if the structure of your house doesn’t allow that. Covered pergolas look incredibly beautiful and can elevate your space several notches.

They not only create a small piece of heaven to sit and spend some me-time or entertain friends and family but also protect against the sun and rain. So, you don’t have to worry about rain playing spoilsport at a party you are planning.

The costs can go up a little high, but if your budget can make that allowance, you should try it for sure!

3. Blue Blossom for Calm and Serenity

One of the upcoming lawn trends of 2021 is creating a blue blossom in your lawn. It is beautiful and can uplift your mood every time you set your eyes on the lawn area. There are tons of options from hydrangeas to salvia. These can be planted in myriad ways to create unique foliage in your lawn. Blue is the new green, officially!

4. Tiles for the Win

Lawns can be a space for experimenting with several styles, patterns and materials. Tiles can be a great addition to lawns as a lot of Boca Ratan lawn trends of 2021 are showing. They don’t absorb moisture and last a long time while giving the space a calm and cool look and feel.

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