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Sound Bites – New Greek Restaurant in Naples

Greek cuisine has been growing in popularity thanks to the Mediterranean diet. A few weeks ago a new Greek restaurant, Greektown Taverna, opened in Naples on Airport Pulling Rd. where the Metro Diner use to be. From what I read, it’s the same owners as Blueberry on 41.

Now that life is getting back to a normal routine we decided to try Greektown Taverna for lunch. The place was very busy, bordering on hectic. We were seated and waited for someone to say hello. Finally, a waitress came to take our order. Gyro platter for me and chicken gyro for Mark.

After we gave our order we were both served a veggie-filled Greek salad in a bowl used for a small cup of soup. (Probably leftover from the Metro Diner days)

I ordered a diet Coke and noticed it was being poured from a large warm bottle.

“Is the soda from a bottle or the fountain?”

“A bottle, the fountain is broken.” I let it slide.

We waited patiently for our lunch. Probably close to 20+ minutes.

There comes a time in a restaurant when you know something is wrong in the kitchen as you wait patiently for your order. That time had arrived.

Finally, the waitress said, “Oh, no one brought your order.”

“The chef is new,” she explained.  Our order was never placed.

We told her we were leaving.

My philosophy about eating out is very clear cut. When you decide to go to a restaurant you have options. Many options. We picked this restaurant with the expectation that the experience will be a good one.

If you are short-staffed or there are any other issues that will affect my meal I want to know about it in advance.

Greektown Taverna failed miserably. We got up and left.

“Please give us another chance in the future,” our waitress urged.

Sorry, this was your chance and we won’t be coming back.

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