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Smile, It’s Beer And Pizza Day

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Beer And Pizza Day

There’s little that makes a day as glorious as finishing it off with that perfect combination of beer and pizza. The foamy head on top of a glass of amber colored joy seems to be tailor made to go with the rich and cheesy texture of that favorite of treats, pizza. It’s little wonder that these two go together so well, the salty savory buttery crust of the pizza is reminiscent of that other favorite bar treat, the pretzel. Beer and Pizza Day reminds us to take a moment to indulge in this delightful combo, and remember the good things in life.

History of Beer and Pizza Day
The history of Beer and Pizza Day is the history of two amazing substances that travelled the long and winding roads of culinary antiquity to ultimately come together on our tables and hearts. Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man, and has occupied an important part of our culinary past as both a liquid food source as well safe way of imbibing water.

After all, with all the diseases that occupied the water and no knowledge of where those illnesses came from, it’s hardly surprising that beer was considered one of the safest drinks around! The Ancient Egyptians included beer in every level of their food chain, and it was a favorite drink of the slaves building the pyramids as it gave them calories and protein needed to make it through the hard work days.

Pizza, on the other hand, heralds back to 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy, though of course it didn’t have any tomato sauce on it. Tomatoes didn’t come to Europe until the discovery of the New World, and when Italians discovered tomatoes they pretty much never looked back! The first place it went? Their favored food, Pizza! Finally, after thousands of years, these two amazing things came together to be celebrates in Beer and Pizza Day!

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How to celebrate Beer and Pizza Day
Well folks, if we have to encourage you to head down to your favorite pizza parlor and get a slice and a frothy glass of beer, we’re not sure you’re the kind of person we want to know! Pizza is amazing and comes in a huge variety of flavors, and some places even have specialty beers they use to pair with pizza. Believe it or not, there’s even a bottled version of this holiday, it’s called Pizza Beer and it almost has to be as amazing as the label suggests! Share Beer and Pizza Day by tagging your social media posts with #beerandpizza or #pizzaandbeer, and head on over to beerandpizzaday.com to find local celebrations!