Home Health Sleep Hygiene – Healthy Sleep Tips For A Good Night’s Rest (Video)

Sleep Hygiene – Healthy Sleep Tips For A Good Night’s Rest (Video)

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 Not getting enough sleep?

Did you know that your daily routine – from the moment you wake up in the morning to when you get into bed at night – impacts the quality of your sleep?

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, or find yourself waking up frequently during the night, practicing proper sleep hygiene can help you rest easier and get the sleep you need.

Sleep hygiene is an umbrella term used to describe specific lifestyle choices and habits which improve sleep.

What You'll Learn

* What Is Sleep Hygiene?

* Why Should I Practice Sleep Hygiene?

* Symptoms of a Sub-Optimal Sleep Hygiene

* How Does Sleep Hygiene Work?

* How Can I Improve My Sleep Hygiene?

Practicing sleep hygiene involves making behavioral and environmental changes which promote sleep, and avoiding those which interfere with it.

The principles of sleep hygiene apply to all age groups: From newborns to seniors, we are all susceptible to sleep disturbances caused by lifestyle and environmental factors.

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Alisa is an avid yogi, health enthusiast and lover of life and especially enjoys a good nights sleep. As a sufferer of insomnia she is passionate about spreading the science of healthy and restful sleep but also enjoys reading a good book, cooking a healthy meal or spending time with her dog Lashka.