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Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?


If you face criminal charges, one of the main questions you will ask yourself is, should I hire a criminal defense attorney? You may have the option of using a court-appointed attorney if you can’t afford a lawyer, but this isn’t the best way to go. Public defenders have huge caseloads, so they simply don’t have time to give you the individualized attention you need.

Although a lawyer’s charges may seem exorbitant, the cost of not having a good defense may have a negative impact on your life. Some of the reasons why you should hire a professional criminal defense lawyer include:

1.     The Lawyer Has a Better Understanding of the Judicial System

An experienced litigator has represented different clients in court. They have also won other cases. Such a lawyer has an in-depth understanding of how the judicial system operates. The legal system is somewhat confusing, even for experienced individuals. However, an experienced attorney can guide you through the entire process based on the charges that have been pressed against you.

2.     The Lawyer Has Cultivated a Relationship with the Prosecutors

After working as a lawyer for some time, an experienced criminal defense attorney may have cultivated a meaningful relationship with individuals such as the prosecutor. Such a relationship may seem odd. However, when both parties have a strong professional relationship, they will easily work with each other.

These relationships come in handy because a criminal defense attorney can easily negotiate for an affordable bond or a better plea. The main focus should be on ensuring that the client gets the desired outcome at the end of the case.

3.     The Criminal Defense Attorney May Have Handled A Similar Case Before

After approaching a criminal defense attorney, you will inform them about the charges issued against you by the other party. If the criminal defense attorney has not handled a case like yours, you should make sure they have dealt with a somewhat similar case. The attorney should also be in a position to provide the best outcome, regardless of the case they are handling.

4.     The Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help Safeguard Your Future

If you face criminal charges, you should hire an attorney who will help safeguard your future. A professional lawyer should help ensure that the charges have been reduced. The penalties should also be minimized. If possible, the case should be dismissed in an instance when the police officer made a mistake as the evidence was being gathered.

After ensuring that the charges have been reduced, when possible, you could even end up with a misdemeanor after a felony charge, which could allow you to find employment more easily. Also, you will not go to jail or lose the job you have now. The main focus should be on getting the entire case dismissed.

5.    An Attorney Can Advise You On the Possible Outcomes

A lawyer will assess the possible penalties that may be issued, depending on the charges presented against you. If you have been convicted, the attorney should advise you on the way forward. For instance, you may be advised to take a plea bargain.

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

According to Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney David McKenzie of the McKenzie Law Firm, if you need to seek help from a lawyer, here’s what you should look for.

  • Has the attorney won any awards in the field of law?
  • Does the attorney have good reviews for their customer service?
  • Has the attorney successfully represented cases like yours before?

If after doing your research you find a criminal defense lawyer who meets these conditions, you should arrange for a consultation. Many lawyers are willing to have a consultation with you in jail if you are incarcerated, so don’t let that stop you from requesting a consultation.