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Shhhh….Don’t Tell the Kids – Zombie Video Game Can Train Their Brain to Think Better (Video)


Did you know? The average child will play 10,000 hours of video games before they’re 21. What if 5% of those 10,000 hours could be spent on a game that trains their brains? That’s 500 hours. How about 1% of the time? That’s still 100 hours.

Just in time for the holidays, the creative forces at Curricularworks have announced that Project Azriel, their immersive video game, and a proven effective tool for brain training in order to increase fluid intelligence, is now available on their website for gift purchases.

Project Azriel

Project Azriel is the only first-person shooter, zombie-themed video game tough enough to build fluid intelligence without boring you to death with monotonous brain training activities. The game is a result of a five-year research and development project sponsored by the prestigious Office of Naval Research.

Project Azriel is perfect for kids who play video games or adults who want to start to get their brains in tip top shape in 2018. The game is available now for $19.99. This version of the game has all the adaptive brain training activities used in the Office of Naval Research version of the game. It also includes a free digital copy of the book, Zombies Can Make You Think Better: How a Game Can Change Your Brain, with a foreword by Dean Takahashi, lead writer at GamesBeat magazine.


According to Curricularworks, fluid intelligence was once thought to be fixed and immutable in adulthood, but recent studies have shown success in improving fluid intelligence in lab environments. Increasing fluid intelligence improves one’s ability to solve new problems, to see connections and to learn.

In a randomized and blinded efficacy study for the project, participants in the experimental group improved 5 points on average in their Matrix Reasoning Score, a measure of fluid intelligence.

This is What a Video Game Should Be

“Why zombies? Because they engage the imagination and make the process of doing the brain training more fun,” explained Deanna Terzian, President of Curriculaworks, headquartered in Burlingame, California.

Project Azriel was a crowd pleaser at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta

“Recently we presented Project Azriel at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta.  Families loved the game and in particular the kids loved the game. They liked that the game was training their brains, but honestly what they were most interested in was that they were having fun. What the parents loved though, was that if their kids were going to be playing a video game, that they were also doing these brain exercises and learning,” said Terzian.

“The goal with the Project Azriel game is not to entertain you but to ‘enter-train’ you. In Project Azriel, you use your mind to take down zombies and train your mind, so you don’t become a zombie yourself. Project Azriel demonstrates that an immersive video game can be an effective tool for brain training that increases fluid intelligence,” said Terzian.

“Our efficacy study and other studies in the cognitive training literature have shown results in 16 hours,” Terzian added.

Curriculaworks has, also, started an affiliate program. By joining, every time one of your contacts purchases the game, you’ll earn $5 for you or your favorite charity. There is no cost to join. For more information  projectazriel.com/affiliate

Project Azriel Website:



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