Sheriff Candidate Rick Sessa Takes Fight to Ric Bradshaw’s Fancy Neighborhood!

Ibis Golf & Country Club, where retired cop Rick “Rosco” Sessa is set to announce his candidacy for PBC Sheriff ( photo)

WEST PALM BEACH — Palm Beach County Sheriff candidate Rick “Rosco” Sessa is taking the election right to incumbent Ric Bradshaw‘s multi-million neighborhood.

Former Riviera Beach Police Lt. Rick “Rosco” Sessa, whose candidacy for sheriff will be announced officially Friday near the home of current Sheriff Ric Bradshaw (Special to Gossip Extra)

Sessa, a former Riviera Beach Police commander and current radio talkshow host, is set to announce his candidacy in front the main entrance of the Ibis Golf & Country Club in the western confines of the county.

Bradshaw lives inside the gates, in a 3,600-square-foot McMansion he bought in 2005, a year into his first term, for $1.1 million. He is living down the street from another politician with a $1 million-plus mansion: West Palm Beach Mayor and Bradshaw supporter Jeri Muoio.

Sessa and his supporters are expected to gather about 11 a.m. Friday on the Northlake Boulevard entrance of the posh community, on a public sidewalk just east of the main guard gate.

“It’s pretty telling Ric Bradshaw needed to move into a gated community to feel safe,” Sessa told Gossip Extra. “He has no idea of the insecurity outside his gates, insecurity from both criminals that PBSO fails to arrest and insecurity for minorities who are victimized by some deputies.”

Sessa filed his candidacy with the Supervisor of Elections office Monday, and the Ibis stunt is the ceremonial kickoff of the campaign which he described as anti-Bradshaw.

“The sheriff lives in a community that has its own armed guards,” Sessa said. “After three terms, Bradshaw’s agency has become a laughingstock. You’ve got deputies opening fire on civilians for no good reasons, financial waste and rampant nepotism. Bradshaw’s tenure has been rife with corruption.”

Incidentally, Sessa added that one of Bradshaw’s sergeants gunned down Seth Adams, an unarmed civilian, just a few miles from Ibis.

A lawsuit brought by Adams’ family in a federal court has, so far, exposed the inability for Bradshaw’s PBSO to investigate impartially deputy-involved shootings.

By Jose Lambiet,,, Feb. 24, 2016