Shaquille O’Neal To Be Deposed FOR SIX HOURS in Ugly Lawsuit!

Shaquille O’Neal (left) is being sued in Miami for mocking Jahmel Binion, whose face is deformed because of a genetic ailment (via Twitter)

By Jose Lambiet,, for, Nov. 11, 2015 – ATLANTA — Former Miami Heat star Shaquille O’Neal will be grilled for six hours tomorrow in the court battle that started when he made fun of a disfigured fan online last year.

The deposition will take place at 1:30 p.m. today (Wednesday) at Shaq’s lawyer Carlton Fields‘ Atlanta office.

Fan Jahmel Binion, 23, is suing Shaq and two other celebs for damages “in excess of $75,000” after they used a picture he’d posted to try to connect with Shaq, to mock him.

Shaq made a face to imitate Binion and posted their images side-by-side to his 8.3 million followers onTwitter and 500,000 on Instagram.

Shaq has apologized, said he didn’t know Binion was suffering from disfiguring ectodermal dysplasia, and said he thought Binion was using makeup to mess with him.