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Seven Reasons Every Woman Has An Affair With Her Tote Bag

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Whether it’s big and brown, or dainty with floral prints, the tote bag has become the ubiquitous part of every hipster and fashionista’s wardrobe. You can fit your world into a tote, as long as it’s sturdy and stylish.There is nothing cooler than totes in the world of bags.

Here are the seven reasons we love a tote bag

A tote bag is customizable and personalizable

Any tote bag you buy has the potential to become your signature style. Look for personalized options like adding monogrammed pendants or charms, leather tassels or chiffon scarves to the top handles. Canvas and leather totes, both can make you look like a million dollars without draining your pockets. No matter what creative ideas you have in mind, you can execute them on your trusty hold-it-all bag.

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  • They are large – you can unleash your creativity
  • They are sturdy – you can use them for parties, classes or work meetings
  • They are trendy – you can grab one and pretend walking on the runway
  • They are manageable – tuck your belongings in and be ready for a long day

Totes can be a sustainable choice

Whether you are choosing a canvas tote or a nylon one, you can be sure that you are making a sustainable choice. Even the leather totes are sustainable too, considering their long life and good looks. They will keep you from falling love with another bag in the next 2-3 years. Therefore, investing in a designer leather tote makes complete sense even for the most ardent environmentalists.

They are versatile and accommodating

Whether you are looking for a chic style or high fashion, tote bags will fulfill your desires. You can find totes in every material – nylon, canvas, leather, Rexine, and vegan leather. Apart from the high diversity in material, you can get them in several designs and shapes. Tote bags no longer have to the predictable square or rectangle in shape. You can find slightly rounded bags or quirky hobo bag inspired designs for yourself this season. Totes are anything but boring, no matter what your budget is.

Totes are compatible with all outfits

Are you sporting fit-and-flare dresses this summer? Or, have you confessed your love for playsuits and jumpsuits? No matter what you are wearing to classes or the evening party, your faithful tote will compliment your style. It is indeed challenging to find a bag that looks great with almost every outfit, but when you have a tote in the closet, there is simply no reason to worry.

Tote bags are for women and men both

Did you know? Both male and female runway models have sported tote bags in the Fall 2019 show. Tote bags are not just for women. Men can find designer totes from some of the biggest and best-known designer brands across the globe. When you can fit your protein shake, laptop, mobile phones, and Ray-Ban in one bag, why should you look for anything else?

They are large and spacious

Not all large bags are spacious, and women have had to learn that the hard way. You can tote away your office necessities or your class notes along with your lunch, snacks, and water in a single bag. They are perfect for picking up groceries as they are for going to parties.

They are easy to clean and maintain

Canvas totes are easily washable. You can throw one into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry if it does not have metal hardware and leather add-ons. Even the leather bags from the upscale designer stores are entirely repairable.

You would not want to spend $40 on a $25 tote, and that makes complete economic sense. However, when you are investing in a $120 tote, you might want to repair a zipper or a strap once in 2 years for $40. The ROI, in this case, is much higher than the previous one.