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SD-WAN Trends to Look for in 2020


Managing networks can be a challenge. This task is only becoming more onerous as network security keeps getting more complicated. One of the biggest challenges in securing networks today is the fact that many enterprises use both on-premise and cloud networking solutions.

The business world is in a gradual transition toward moving the vast majority of its operations to the cloud. But getting there takes time, and it doesn’t always make sense for organizations to totally scrap their legacy networking solutions to move to cloud-only in one grand push. This can lead to massive downtime and vulnerabilities.

SD-WAN, otherwise known as a software-defined wide-access network, is a way to make legacy and cloud networking work seamlessly together. With SD-WAN, software is used as a medium to control and monitor network functions regardless of origin. This means you can have various sources and connection types running on the same software-defined network—making control and deployment much easier.

Clearly, there are benefits to enterprises adopting SD-WAN for networking. But what are some of the upcoming trends in this field? Here are some of the most relevant SD-WAN trends for 2020 and beyond:

Further Transitioning to the Cloud

There are many reasons businesses have been migrating to the cloud. While the benefits can be seen across the board, here are some of the top motivators:

  • Cloud is generally much less expensive than on-premise servers. You don’t have to invest in hardware, maintenance, or as many IT personnel.
  • Cloud services are more easily scalable than on-premise, which means you’ll only have to pay for things you actually use.
  • Cloud service providers are typically very serious about security.
  • Cloud services can be taken anywhere there’s a connection to the internet, while on-premise is more limited by location.

With so many benefits, SD-WAN will continue playing an integral role in the process.

Cloud Providers Start Offering SD-WAN Capabilities

There is an inherent relationship between the cloud and SD-WAN. The existence of SD-WAN as a tool is a function of the popularization of the cloud, as well as various methods of connecting to the internet.

It only makes sense, then, that cloud providers will make inroads into the SD-WAN world. Big cloud companies will want to offer SD-WAN as part of their suite of services to entice enterprise customers who want to bundle more services with a single vendor.

New Edge Devices to Secure

Edge devices are becoming more prevalent all the time. These are devices that are used outside of the traditional office setting. The massive shift to work-from-home corporate culture due to the Coronavirus has been a major wake-up call to enterprises about the importance of securing devices when they leave the office.

In the future, it’s almost certain the number and different kinds of edge devices will continue expanding. This means organizations will have to adapt to ensure the security of their networks. The flexibility of SD-WAN is ideal for facilitating this transition to a more dispersed working environment.

Security Will Continue Becoming More Important

There has never been a time in the history of business when security hasn’t been an issue. Whether people are stealing apples from your fruit stand, or critical data from an unsecured server, a loss is a loss. And when it’s big enough, your organization can have massive problems.

SD-WAN is a remarkable piece of technology that makes running and securing multi-level networks easier than ever. In fact, what may well be the biggest trend of 2020 for SD-WAN is it’s only going to become more essential to business.