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School Board Candidate Picks Wrong Audience To Praise Republicans (Video)



Major rule of politics: You gotta know your audience.

Broward School Board candidate Allen Zeman learned this lesson the hard way when he said the four Republicans that Gov. Ron DeSantis picked last week were accomplishing “useful work…focusing on the things that do matter the most.”

His audience was The Century Village Democratic Club of Pembroke Pines, which consists of highly partisan Democrats.

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Democratic activists who comprise the club membership dislike DeSantis almost as much as they dislike Donald Trump. DeSantis replaced elected Democrats when he handpicked the four new GOP School Board members.

It doesn’t matter that a Grand Jury recommended the four elected School Board members be removed for incompetence.  This is The Century Village Democratic Club.

So Zeman was quickly challenged by Cynthia Busch, the former chair of the Broward Democratic Part, according to a source and a video this source supplied.

“For a self professed Democrat to be lauding the direction of DeSantis’s School Board picks was too much for Cynthia to hear and she took up the mic. (She) Wasn’t even scheduled to talk,” the source emailed Browardbeat.

“I don’t support those four….To say that to a Democratic club is not something I would agree with,” Busch said.

Her comments were applauded.

According to Browardbeat’s source, Zeman rushed out of the meeting soon after.

The very short video sent Browardbeat is below:

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