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“Salt Water Taffy” Was So Named As A Joke; And More Fun Facts

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May 23rd was made for mouth-watering deliciousness. It’s National Taffy Day!  Taffy candy has been made and sold for many years and has become a favorite souvenir of many vacationers.

This confection is made with boiled sugar and butter that is stretched and pulled until it is a chewy consistency that can be rolled and cut. The flavors range from buttery to tart to sweet.  There is something for everyone. Taffy’s colorful displays have tantalized children and adults alike for generations.

  1. Salt water taffy was “invented” in Atlantic City in 1883.
  2. Many manufacturers claim David Bradley was one of the first sellers of the candy. A huge storm hit Atlantic City and flooded the boardwalk. Bradley’s store was flooded and the ocean water soaked his entire stock of taffy. In one account, a young girl asked if the store still had taffy for sale. Bradley jokingly told the girl to grab some “salt water taffy.”
  3. Modern technology allows confectioners to produce 1,000 pieces of taffy a minute.
  4. In one hour enough pieces of taffy are made to cover one third of the length of Atlantic City (about 1.3 miles).
  5. The three most popular taffy flavors sold by Sweet Candy Company are peppermint, cinnamon and chocolate.



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