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A Rocking But Rocky ‘Rocky Horror’ Does The Time Warp Again

The usual unusual suspects in The Rocky Horror Show from Evening Star and Infinite Abyss (FloridaTheaterOnStage)

Meatloaf again? If, as the saying goes, the sun never sets on the English empire, it sure as hell doesn’t set without The Rocky Horror Show playing somewhere on the globe.

Evening Star Productions and Infinite Abyss Productions have joined forces to deliver the 249th South Florida edition of the inarguably hilarious aggressively irreverent piece of theater that virtually defines “a hoot.”

Although it seems ludicrous to critique something meant to be joyfully anarchic and way beyond any social norm like a theater review, even the tale of Rocky and His Friends can be considered in terms of other productions since the musical bowed in the West End in 1973. This one is a mixed glitter bag of strengths and weaknesses.

The underlying ethos is that this is not a musical, it’s an experience. Or at least this production is. The cast is out to have fun and it successfully seduces a willing audience that could care less that some people can’t sing and some people can’t act. But you can see it in the energetic performers’ beaming faces: The entire effort helmed by Evening Star’s Rosalie Grant is luxuriating in the show’s liberating theme of “Don’t dream it – be it.”

By Bill Hirschman, FloridaTheaterOnStage.com, excerpt posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.com May 16, 2016