Rich Inventor And Pretty Fishing Boat Captain Embroiled In Ugly Lawsuit!

lace allenius
Fishing captain Lace Allenius (via Facebook)

A local female fishing captain and her rich inventor former boyfriend are entangled in a pair of ugly lawsuits that hint at a violence-filled relationship.

Capt. Lace Allenius, 32, owner of Fishing Adventures With Lace, and Fort Lauderdale multi-millionaire Merrill Brooks Smith, her 62-year-old ex-beau, have been flinging ugly allegations of gold-digging and domestic abuse at each other in a Palm Beach County court.

Smith, known for his pioneering of pre-paid cards and computer point-of-sale technology, and Allenius are headed to a possible trial early next year.

By both their accounts, things between them were honky dory when they met in 2013. They got so close that, allegedly with Smith’s financial assistance, Allenius packed her bags and her young daughter from a previous relationship, and moved to Boynton Beach from St. Petersburg to be closer to Smith.

In time Smith, who lives in a $10 million mansion on a Las Olas canal, claims he eventually discovered that Allenius “had a habit of drinking excessively,” he claims in his complaint, and acting violently when drunk.

Jose Lambiet,, excerpt posted on, Aug. 29, 2017