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Restaurant Recipes For Sangria Are All Different

sangria day

Across the nation each year on December 20, National Sangria Day is observed by enjoying a well-mixed sangria.

Sangria is a beverage made with wine and sweetened with fresh fruit and fruit juices. Other ingredients can include herbs, spices, carbonation, and liquor.

The combinations are endless, giving sangria a place at in the cocktail rotation year round. Refreshing and light during hot summer months, bright and sparkling during the winter ones, this fruity punch is quite versatile.

Sangria made with white wine is called Sangria Blanca.

Use fresh fruit in season for the best flavors. Once mixed, sangria should be chilled and the fruits allowed to marinate a few hours or overnight.

Each year more and more people are visiting Spain for its food. Over 2,000 years ago, when the Romans inhabited the area, they knew the water there was unsafe for drinking because of bacteria, and so it was common to fortify it with alcohol to kill it off. The first sangrias (whose name comes from sangre, or blood, and refers to its dark color) were likely heavily watered down mixes of wine, water, and herbs and spices. Basically, the Romans added anything they could to kill off the bacteria in the water and to disguise the taste of mediocre table wine.

Today, spiced wine is an ancient and much-loved tradition, and even though it originates in Spain and Portugal it’s enjoyed world-wide today. It can be served as an iced outdoor treat in the summer, or as a great way to warm up indoors in the winter.

Sangria is a wine punch typical of Spain and Portugal, which is also consumed in Argentina and Uruguay.

  • This spiked punch usually mixes in red wine, simple syrup, a few drops of brandy and chopped fruit. The wine can be any inexpensive type that is light, dry and young, but red is preferred.
  • Every restaurant has its own sangria recipe – typically a mix of wine, brandy and fresh fruits, served over ice. It’s one of the most individualistic drinks on the market. Don’t just buy a mix at the store – have fun and create your own! Sangria’s appeal is all about taking your favorite wine, your favorite fruits, and experimenting with them.
  • Although sangria was originally made with Rioja wine, you can use just about any dry red wine. Other good choices include Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, and Sangiovese.
  • Sangria was introduced to the United States when it was brought to the 1964 world’s fair in New York City by Alberto Heras.
  • Mangria is a version of sangria created by comedian Adam Carolla. The recipe calls for 3 parts red wine, 1 part vodka, and 1 part orange juice.


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