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Researchers: There may be a new way to handle allergies

By MedicalNewsToday.com for  SouthFloridaReporter.com, Sept. 13, 2015 – Researchers have discovered a mechanism that stops the body reacting with an excessive immune reaction and suggest this could form the basis for a new allergy treatment.

Most people with allergies have to take medication throughout their life: Their body “thinks” that proteins from the environment are so “strange” that they elicit an immune reaction. Until present, it was not possible to develop an efficient therapy so that the body “learns” to stop in an overreacting way.

Scientists from the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in Davos, from the University of Tokyo, the RIKEN Research Institute in Yokohoma, and from Stanford University recently discovered a mechanism that could be the basis for a new way to handle allergies.


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