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Requirements For a U.S Passport

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Even a U.S citizen, has to provide proof to the U.S government when returning from a foreign country. That’s why you need a passport.

The process of applying for a U.S passport isn’t that difficult if you follow the steps closely and have all the necessary documents that are required to proceed with the process.

Applying Procedure

The initial step involves filling out a DS-11 form and gathering all the documents that prove that you’re a US citizen.

To prove your identity, driving licenses, State ID Card, government employee identification or any similar kind of proof can help. Also, make sure you bring photocopies of each of these documents along with originals.

Ways To Prove Your Citizenship

You need to submit certain documents to prove that you are a US resident. These documents include:

  • A certified and sealed copy of your U.S birth certificate that must have your correct name, birthplace, date of birth and your parent’s name too. Moreover, the certificate should contain the filing date with the registrar’s office. Also, the date of issuance of the certificate should be within a year of the birth.
  • In case, you were born outside of the US and got your US citizenship thanks to a parent that currently lives in the US then you need to submit a certificate of naturalization (form N-550 or N-570). A certificate of naturalization is a document of proof that is issued by the US government implying the person went through a legal process of obtaining citizenship after 18 years of age.

Application Fee

The application fee charged by the government is non refundable. Here’s the breakdown according to age group:

For Minors ( Under 16 Years Of Age):

  • Minor Passport Book: $80.
  • Minor Passport Card: $15.
  • Acceptance Fee: $25.

For Adults ( Over 16 Years Of Age):

  • Adult Passport Book: $110.
  • Adult Passport Card: $30.
  • Acceptance Fee: $25.

There are thousands of application acceptance facilities in the US and you need to pay the acceptance fee to one of these facilities. The application fee goes in the name of ‘U.S Department Of State’, and must be paid in full. If you fail to pay the fee in full, your application may get delayed or rejected altogether, and you may even lose the fee submitted.

Note: There may be extra charges if you are looking at expedited services. It is important to call the office and inquire about the same.


2 passport size photos of 2×2, clicked within the last six months, are mandatory along with the application.

The best way to get your photo captured is at a passport acceptance center as they will click your picture as per the requirements.


The office may also require you to submit character certificates and other such documents, especially if you are a foreigner applying for a passport. This is why removing your criminal record is important before applying for a passport. 


Make sure that all the documents you submit are real and correct. Any discrepancy can cause your application to get rejected.

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