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Reducing Workplace Stress: The Office Design Tips You Should Know


Don’t let your office setting distract or stress your employee. Production is all about focus.  But how do you optimize workplaces and improve productivity?

Your workplace plays an important role when it comes to reducing stress and improving your employee’s productivity. So, don’t ignore it. Let them design personalized spaces and leverage on imagery. 

The Power of Personalized Spaces

Traditional office spaces are not exciting. They are boring and dull—which plays a key role in killing the creativity of your employees. So, don’t stick to an office layout that looks boring? Instead, permit your workers to optimize spaces depending on their needs. For instance, if they want to put family photos on the walls, then let it be it. Even more, allow them to arrange chairs according to their wishes. Plus, if they have pets they’ll want to bring to their workspaces, allow them. Doing this makes them feel appreciated—a key ingredient when it comes to productivity.

Have Common Rooms

Did you know that creating common rooms can be a powerful bonding tool? Well, creating common rooms boosts bonding with employees. It facilities the exchange of ideas, which plays a key role in reducing office stress. So, when looking for an office space for lease Winnipeg space ensure it is designed with a common room in mind. 

What about Those Motivational Imageries?

The power of visuals in offices cannot be underestimated. People tend to get motivated when they see exciting colors. So, decorate, decorate, and artistically decorate your offices. But be sure to decorate with images or items that explicitly reflect the theme and vibe of your brand. With decorations, a sense of purpose is fostered on your employee—which hugely reduces workspace stress.

Pro tip

  • Go for vibrant colors
  • Don’t over decorate—do it moderately
  • Ask employees for suggestions—they may have exciting ideas

Decorating your workplace makes it enjoyable, exciting, appealing, and encouraging.

Multiple Work Environments

Designing a workspace that makes your employees feel chained can lead to stress. Instead, let your employees enjoy the freedom of moving from one workspace to another. Create different work environments. For instance, incorporate desks and couches in two different spaces.  

Breaks for Recharging

Frequent breaks not only reduces stress but also boosts productivity. So, consider designing your workspace in such a way that your employees are able to relax and recharge. It’s not all about working. Your employees also need breaks to recharge. For instance, you can consider having an empty room with some bag chairs. Also, don’t forget to incorporate more relaxing stuff in these areas.

Live Plants

Bring nature into offices. According to studies, natural plants have a huge psychological effect on the side of employees. Plus, other studies have indicated that natural plants help decrease sick leaves and improve the company’s overall productivity. Place the live plants strategically. But remember to ask your employees for suggestions. Again, countless studies claim that plants like a rubber tree, aloe, peace lily, snake plant, and Boston fern can work like magic when it comes to reducing workplace stress. Other plants you can walk into offices include the English ivy, bamboo, parlor palm, as well as the snake plant. Remember, plants bring freshness into offices—something employees love. So, if you want to reduce office stress and improve productivity, start by bringing new plants into your workplace.


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