Record Breaking Crowd Welcomes Donald Trump In Melbourne (Video)

Thousands of Trump supporters at Melbourne rally (William Lewis Jr. frame grab)

With more than 15,000 supporters [Hyperlinks to Facebook video] cheering in support, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump was welcomed to the Orlando Melbourne International Airport AeroMod Hanger on a stormy Tuesday evening.  As Trump’s personal passenger jet rolled toward the rally and a waiting stairway, a bolt of lightning lit up the night sky.

Speaking to a capacity crowd following the Presidential debate at Hofstra University on Monday, Donald Trump was introduced by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.  An estimated 12,000 supporters were turned away by the city due to massive overcrowding at the hanger.

“Ours is a special country, and we must never stop fighting to keep the American dream alive,” Trump told a cheering crowd.

Trump reiterated many of his talking points from Monday night’s debate, along with some of his signature campaign lines, including building the wall.  The Republican nominee also announced that it had raised more than $18 million in less than 24 hours in a “momentum of historic proportions.”

“We are especially proud to host Mr. Trump in Melbourne,” Greg Donovan, MLB executive director told the South Florida Reporter, as he helped distribute an estimated 25,000 bottles of water to supporters.

Several times during the rally, Trump called his Democratic opponent “Crooked Hillary,” and insisted she was in the pocket of the special interests. He mentioned Clinton’s statement earlier this month, mocking that half of his supporters could be put in a “basket of deplorables.”

“I firmly believe that America will be great once again with Donald Trump in the White House,” Dr. Rob Martin of Boynton Beach told the South Florida Reporter after waiting almost seven hours in line to attend the rally.  “I’m absolutely thrilled to be here in person.”

“I kept saying for 26 years you’ve been doing nothing,” Trump said of Hillary Clinton’s long career in politics.  “She’s the candidate of yesterday. And ours is the campaign and we’re the people of the future.”

“You are the greatest people on Earth. You’re not deplorable,” Trump said.

“Government will start working again,” Trump added. “Fixing things is what I do.”

WFTV Video via Inform: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held his first rally since Monday night’s heated debate in Melbourne.

By William E. Lewis Jr. for, Sept. 28, 2016 

Facebook videos by William E. Lewis Jr. 

WFTV Video via inform

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