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Reasons Why You Need a VPN in 2019-2020

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a privacy tool to access the internet safely and without restrictions. This gradual increasing, is because it has a large number of advantages that makes them indispensable for high-encryption navigation, those platforms are a DNS bridges for information exchange that links the connected devices of any operating system like; Mac; Android, Windows or Linux with external servers of the internet provider, (VPN Address) to eventually take it to the Network. 

This creates a configurable barrier between the data of it using a VPN with the internet provider and in the same way with the other services offered online. Some of the most recommended VPNs are CyberGhost VPN, NordVPN, Express VPN and PrivateInternetAcces.

5 reasons to use a VPN service

Protect your personal information

The main reasons why the use of VPNs has become necessary, beyond the high demand for the internet in the world and the ability to protect the tracking of personal data, such as credentials, accounts, searches and basically everything that we do. 

Our personal information is completely exposed to hackers on the internet nowadays, who can easily sell the information on the darknet or use it themselves to directly steal from your bank account.

For secure online gaming

People who seek to be distracted from their daily and boring life tend to go online and play video games. This is when hackers use videogames to access our devices and steal our information and we lost the battle from the beginning unless a counterattack is made with high encryption that monitors the movements made on all devices and that are safe with the server’s company that owns the VPN.

Protect all your banking transaction, privacy, and conversation

So, the user who chose to protect their conversations, calls, video calls, online purchases, online sales, downloads, as well as P2P and conventional ones, bank transactions, email keys, social media accounts, and the subscriber’s complete online behavior.

Watch Geo-Locked content in your home country

In the globalized world that was established a long time ago with the arrival of fiber optic, connecting all continents by the global network we know, information is what takes more strength and monetary value, this is how many countries create restrictions for its inhabitants and try to disconnect them from the rest of the world.

This becomes an obstacle for people who want information and who cannot access due to the informational imprisonment that has been created in some governments, such an inconvenience is now possible to beat with Virtual Private Networks that move the user’s location to the server location before granting access to the internet. 

This is how a person in China can connect to Facebook, with a VPN hosted in the United States, thus being a tool that cannot be ignored at the moment. Many people around the world use a VPN to watch Netflix, due to some content is not available in all countries.