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Pulled Pork Originated In The Deep South

Pulled Pork Day
Pulled Pork Day

Sonny’s BBQ has partnered with the National Pork Board and the National BBQ Association to declare October 12 as Pulled Pork Day.

BBQ is revered in the South, specifically in Florida for its special connection to family and its call to gather with loved ones; the South is also known across the country for its unique and dominant BBQ protein: pork, and its number one way to enjoy as a pulled pork sandwich. Because of this, these three organizations joined together to create a holiday to celebrate this Southern tradition: Pulled Pork Day.

  • Iron is a mineral often lacking in infants, teenagers and women. The iron in pork is easy for the body to absorb and also aids the absorption of iron from bread and vegetables.
  • Pigs are the world’s most consumed animal and a third of that in the UK is made up of our favourite breakfast dish the bacon sandwich.
  • The word “barbeque” originated with French-speaking pirates who called their Caribbean pork feast “de barbe et queue”. It translates to “from beard to tail,” reflecting the versatility of the hog.
  • Pork has a high protein content (around 20%). Protein is important for muscle building and for keeping organs healthy.
  • Pulled pork has its origins in the deep south of the United States, in places like North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world.
  • Salt pork was a key staple food for Washington’s troops at Valley Forge in the winter of 1776 to 1777.
  • A pig’s squeal can range from 110-115 decibels, a Concorde jet is usually under 112 decibels.
  • Insulin and about 40 other medicines are made from pigs.
  • Pigs are smart! They can learn to push a lever in the barnyard to get a drink of water or a dish of food. Over the years pigs have been taught to tumble, race, pull carts, dance and hunt.
  • Out of all farm animals, pigs have the best sense of smell.
  • Even though they don’t seem like it, pigs are the cleanest farm animals.
  • They roll in mud because they don’t sweat and that is their way of cooling off.
  • Pigs can run a 7-minute mile.
  • Pig heart valves can be used to replace damaged human heart valves.


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