Price for Hillsboro Mansion Raised to a Staggering $159 Million!

935 Hillsboro Mile in Hillsboro Beach: For sale for $159 million! (MLS photo)

By Jose Lambiet,, for, Nov. 13, 2015 –HILLSBORO BEACH — The price of the impossibly expensive uber-mansion Le Palais Royal has just been raised from a crazy $139 million to the certifiably insane $159 million!

That’ll make the asking price for the 935 Hillsboro Mile home the highest in the country and TEN TIMES higher than the most expensive house sold in Broward County.

Last year, an estate down the road fetched $17 million but clearly, that paltry price tag looks a little shabby compared to this.

Le Palais Royal, which is what you call a royal palace in French, has everything a James Bond villain would want:

— an underground garage with room for 30 cars

— an ice skating rink, go-cart track, bowling club and nightclub

— a 492-foot private dock that can accommodate a 200-foot-yacht

— a gold-covered fence around the property and $3 million worth of gold leaves to cover columns and walls and door frames

— a $2 million marble staircase

— an 18-seat, 50-foot-wide IMAX theater

— the property covers 4.4 acres with nearly 500 feet of beach

— two guesthouses with 3,000 square feet each

Construction started eight years ago on the 11-bedroom, 17-bathroom house, and is expected to be completed early next year.