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People: Liz Buiani – No paycheck. No consistency. She made it work

By Anita Mitchell, Broward People, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 4, 2015 – A chat with Liz Buiani, a Fort Lauderdale realtor.

Quote: “There is a payoff for living in this area a long time.”

This is the best time in my life for me as a realtor, even though I have done it for over 30 years. I have the energy, the intuition and the love for real estate. With age comes the calmness in figuring out what is best for my client.

I speak less, I listen more. I ask a lot of questions and I concentrate on their answers. I learn all about clients from listening. The more they talk the clearer they get about what kind of home they want to buy. Maybe they just want to sell the one they have.

Hey, those 30 years in this career taught me a lot.

When their heart is set on a 3/2 with a pool sometimes I show them a perfectly located 4/3 without a pool but with the charm they want and the style they like.

I am intimate with every street and neighborhood in the east part of Fort Lauderdale from Commercial Boulevard south to Port Everglades. Sometimes I even know exact houses and cool little stories about the history of the street. I have been in these neighborhoods so many times that I know every shortcut  to avoid traffic and the location of all the canals.

That is the payoff for living in this area a long time.

The Liz Buiani of 30 years ago was far different from today’s Liz Buiani. That Liz was out dancing every night at parties and going to charity events while working deals at the same time. People were always around when when my kids were young. Seems like I was always in a crowd.

Now with minimal interruptions in my life, I have the luxury of focusing on my clients and myself.

I like the way I am now. I have embraced patience. Not even rush hour traffic can rattle me. If I am stuck at a bridge, I do things on my phone or read the Real Simple magazine I keep on the passenger seat or make a grocery list. I am content to be home cooking or rearranging flowers. I relish a few dear friends instead of hoards of acquaintances.

I even created a simple luxury, just for me.

I fill my home with the music of Russian pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff. Then I set up my easel, take out my acrylic paints and create.

Liz is with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Florida Realty and can be reached at 954-954-401-2887 or lizbuani@me.com