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People: Lisa Forman – Attitude is everything

Lisa Forman

By Anita Mitchell, Broward People, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 12,2015 – Meet Fort Lauderdale resident Lisa Forman. This is the quote that keeps hergoing through the day – Powder and lipstick will keep you fresh but wear attitude. 

I dressed funky and elegant at my sister Patty’s wedding.

Not so funky that I bordered on ghetto and not so elegant that I bordered on stuffy. My clothes were actually secondary because I wore attitude.

I can pull off looks that other women can’t because I am confident. I am going to stand out in a crowd no matter what because I am a six feet tall. Since people are always going to look at me, they may as well see something good.

I love big hair and high heeled boots but I have to be careful not to look overwhelming. No one but me knows if I am wearing my natural hair or my wigs.

You see how raggedy most people look? Do they interest you?

Not me.

I love to think about where I am going then I plan what to wear. Am I classy tonight with flat sandals, silk pants and a halter top? Am I edgy with a dress and short boots?  Will I be walking around? Will I be outside in the heat?

I am comfortable for the June outdoor wedding at Deerfield Beach Country Club. Style is about creatively putting together pieces you already own and then having your nails done, a fresh pedicure, lipstick and powder.

Always have powder.

Always have attitude.